5 Earring Styles That Are Best For Sensitive Ears

5 Earring Styles That Are Best For Sensitive Ears

Growing up, I had always face difficulties in wearing new pair of earrings.

Or rather, I should say, I have always had issues while wearing an earring all my life. You know how it feels when you have sensitive skin. Almost everything stands unsuitable for the skin, starting from cosmetics to pieces of jewellery.

We must all know that a very common cause of sensitive skin is dryness. Dryness can cause many problems to the skin starting from making it itchy, cracking and bleeding, and a compromised skin texture. You must be wondering how all these factors have anything to do with wearing earrings, isn’t it?

Well, earrings mostly need to be inserted in the earlobe and then the studs or hoops need to be closed. So, when the skin is dry, it is difficult for these studs and hoops to penetrate the piercing. The penetrating causes even more itching and sometimes, they may lead to a little bleeding.

All these problems that are caused due to dryness take a toll on the earlobes. Many a time, it is also seen that people stop wearing any earrings despite having a penchant for those beautiful jewellery pieces. But again, as always, we are here to the rescue.

We have a list of the best earring types that are most suitable for sensitive ears. We bring to you a wide variety of gold-plated earrings, silver-plated earrings, and many more designer earrings that will cause your earlobes no trouble. Ultimately, fashion is nothing if not comfortable.

So here are a few best earring types you can hover upon.

1. Perennial Earring:

Starting with a minimal design, the perennial earring is only one of its kind. First things first, the earring is absolutely nickel free. This means that the gold plated earring is one-hundred percent hypo-allergenic. The designer earring is absolutely minimal with a few intricate designs. The design is emphasised by studded emeralds and pearls. The product is handmade with care just for your sensitive skin. The packaging is done in a hard box and the product is enclosed in a velvet pouch. This ensures that the product is not damaged in anyways and remains lustrous.

Price: ₹ 5800

Material used: 22K gold plated copper

Stones used: Emerald and Copper

Size of the product: Length: 4.6CM, Width:4.5CM

Weight: 14.5GMS

2. Branch Out Earrings:

`The Branch Out Earring is one of those earrings that bring out the perfectionist in you. With a very bold yet elegant design, this set of earring is bound to catch everyone’s eye. The earring does not have any tarnish and is completely nickel free. The gold plated earring is 100% hypo-allergenic which would ensure that your skin would not be adversely affected after earring the piece of jewellery.

Price: ₹ 5200

Material used: 22K gold plated copper

Stones used: Emerald and Copper

Size of the product: Length: 6.9CM, Width:2.1CM


3. Long Wires And Drops Earrings:

The long wires and drop earrings are the most beautiful earrings that are present on the bucket list of anti-allergic earrings.  The silver-plated earrings are handmade and anti-tarnish. They are absolutely nickel-free. All these aspects make the earrings absolutely non-allergic. The designer earrings that are lacquered with an anti-tarnish solution helps the earlobes and the aking surrounding them to be rash free. No allergies will arise due to the studs of the earrings.

Price: ₹ 9000

Material used: 22K Gold Plated Copper

Stones used: No stones used

Size of the product: Length: 13.3cm, Width: 7.3cm

Weight: 49GM

4. Innately Alluring Earring In Silver

The design of the innately alluring earring is inspired by the wheat fields of our country. To incorporate an ethnic touch to the jewellery, a handloom textile design is also added. The earring is a very versatile option for those who want something minimal yet stylish that matches every attire.

This silver plated earring is absolutely hypo-allergenic. It also has an anti-tarnish solution and is nickel-free. 

Price: ₹ 9800

Material used: silver Plated Copper

Stones used: No stones used

Size of the product: Length: 7.8cm

Weight: 16.4GM

5. Emotive Embark Earring

If you love to wear designs inspired from Indo-Werstern traditions, then this is the exact style for you. With it’s bold look, the earring is meant to signify grace. As the name suggests, the earring embarks upon the design of a fusion tradition. With a flower engraved within the designer  earrings, it signifies purity.

As all our jwelleries, or rather earrings are listed above, these earrings too, are 100% hypo-allergenic. The studs of the gold plated earrings would nit cause any sort of irritation to your skin and will keep them well protected from allergies.

Price: ₹ 6800

Material used: silver Plated Copper

Stones used: No stones used but engraved with gold plated flower

Size of the product: Length: 7.8cm

Weight: 31.8GM


With so many options around the stores, it is near impossible to hold yourself back from trying on jewellery. We cannot always avoid wearing jewellery because of skin allergies, can we? Hence, with a wide variety of options, or rather, varieties of some of the safest classics, now you can try out any earring of your choice.


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