4 Stylish Ways To Style Men’s Jewelry


Oh hey, just a gentle reminder to all you trendy and fashion aficionados, if you feel men don’t wear jewelry or that men’s jewelry is just ah, those wedding bands, think again!

Jewelry has been on an expansion high with men becoming much more conscious consumers of fashion and accessories as compared to their counterpart.

With burgeoning trends and fashion appeal, men are not far away from catching up with the high-end sartorial choices.

Be it the bracelets with charms or leather stacks, pendant laden chains and those luxe finish aviators, the options are in galore.

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Men’s Jewelry

Here, we shortlist the most sought-after picks for men to buy this season:

Stack ‘Em Up

men's jewelry

The days are gone when women used to immaculately pick their accessories for wrists and stack them for a feminine appeal. Men have joined the race and how!

Bold, minimalistic yet funky leather tassel, pearl embellished and even pure gold bracelets are a huge rage.

Look around you at the boardroom or street and you shall find the bracelets or wrist bands sneaking through shirt or sweater’s cuffs.

So, go ahead and treat your man with a fabulous finesse curated bracelet to add an edge to his masculine look.


Linger on

4 Stylish Ways To Style Men's Jewelry 1

They say chains have been one of the most quintessential men’s accessory since time immemorial and even Mythology traces back to the proof.

Well, to our surprise, men look double attractive with minimal lust-worthy chains wrapped around their crest that gives a hint of bod and charismatic persona.

Layering is a Big No No! Just go with one single chain, opt for solid metals like silver or gold.

And if you’re into hip hop and shizz, play it right with the bold chunky chains to get noticed.


Charmers are Forever

4 Stylish Ways To Style Men's Jewelry 2

Ain’t no Big Boy mess with you if you’re wearing your attitude and charm pendant chain right.

Oh well, these were a he trend in the 90’s and with the comeback of the gothic fashion, we’re totally crushing at the charm pendant chains all over again.

Let your man pay dirty and defy the rules when he’s upto no good for charms will always be by his side.

You can even play it witty by engraving your anniversary or your name on the charm and gift this special chain to him, so that he never forgets


Bring the Shade

4 Stylish Ways To Style Men's Jewelry 3

Men may feel intimidated by gorgeous women every now and then, however, you can turn around the situation by playing your cards right.

Don these flamboyant sunglasses with embellished details and we bet you shall be the showstopper.

Make sure you carry them right lest they exude lousy vibes.


So, these were 4 Stylish Ways To Style Men’s Jewelry! What is your way to rock Men’s Jewellery? 

Tell us in the comments below!


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