Decoding Tamil Wedding – Importance, Value and Facts of the Ceremonies

Decoding Tamil Wedding - Importance, Value and Facts of the Ceremonies

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Tamil weddings are exclusive and unique for centuries now.

The Tamil culture is known for its simplicity and ancient culture, which has always stayed true to its traditional form.

There are different rituals that the Tamilians organize for the pre-wedding, wedding & post-wedding ceremonies.

Tamil weddings may not be too extravagant and posh like the ones organised in North India, yet they are elegant, lavish and aesthetic in every sense.

Tamilians pay a lot of attention to each of their marriage rituals, values, and ethics, which they firmly believe in.

If you have never visited a Tamil wedding before, then you are missing out on a lot.

Let’s decode a Tamil wedding on this blog and learn more about Tamil weddings’ values and facts.

1. Importance Of Horoscopes –

A Tamil wedding is challenging to take place if the horoscopes of the bride and groom do not match.

This is a ritual known as Nakshatra Porutham. As per the ritual, the horoscopes of the two people should match according to the ancient Vedic guidelines.

If both the horoscopes match, the astrologer will look at the possible wedding dates.

2. Rituals To Ward Off Evil –

Tamilians are more or less orthodox, and they never want their auspicious ceremonies to be affected by any evil power.

That is why they conduct a puja named Panda Kaal Muhurtham.

This ritual takes place a day before the wedding & is organized to pray to the Almighty for a hassle-free wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom seek blessings for the start of their new journey.

3. Special Ritual For The Women –

Before the day of the wedding, Tamilians have a ritual named Sumangali Prarthanai.

This is a ritual held for the well-being and prosperity of the bride who will get married.

Only women are invited to this ceremony, and all of them come together to bless the bride-to-be for blissful married life.

The guests bless the bride with gifts that can be money, sarees, or jewellery.

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4. Interesting Wedding Attires –

The south Indian wedding attires are simple, yet they can stand out very well.

The Tamil groom wears a garment known as Veshti and Angavastram. These are made of very high-quality silk. He can also wear a special turban that is known as Thalaip.

They can also wear light jewellery like gold chains or rings. The bride is decked up with beautiful sarees on all days. The sarees are very colourful and are very comfortable.

The bride also wears a lot of jewellery, usually the ones given by her family or from the groom’s side.

5. A Funny Ritual For The Groom –

One of the funniest and exciting rituals conducted in the Tamil wedding is Kashi Yatra. On the day of the wedding, when the groom arrives at the wedding venue, he decides to not marry anyone and will set out on a pilgrimage to Kashi.

He is given a walking stick, umbrella and a few other basic amenities. As soon as he sets out on his journey to Kashi, he meets with the bride’s father. He will be then persuaded by the father to marry his daughter.

The groom will then accept his proposal and enter the venue.

6. A Ritual That Takes Place On A Swing –

A very interesting ritual in every Tamil wedding is the Oonjal or the Swing ceremony. In this ritual, the bride and the groom will sit in a swing.

They are offered bananas and almond milk while all the close relatives throw rice balls around them.

This is a unique way to ward off any evil and allow the couple to start a wonderful married life from then.

7. Respecting The Ancestors –

One of the core Tamil values is respecting the ancestors and offering prayers to them on any auspicious occasion.

Even in a Tamil wedding, the bride and groom must offer their prayers to the ancient ancestors.

They need to seek blessings and support from the divine spirits before they can embark on the journey of their newly married life from that day.

8. Handing Over The Bride –

In Tamil rituals, the kanyadaan ceremony holds special significance. Why? This is because the bride’s father hands over his daughter to the groom hoping that he will keep his daughter happy for the rest of her life.

The daughter sits on the father’s lap while the ritual takes place. It symbolises the unbreakable love of a father and a daughter who is now going to be the responsibility of a different man in a brand new home.

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9. Wonderful Ceremonial Stage –

The stage of a Tamilian wedding always holds significant importance. It is one of the most vital components of the Tamil Hindu wedding.

The priest or Gurukul conducts the entire ceremony sitting on this stage that has a gorgeous and decorated canopy called Manavarai, that will protect the holy moment when the bride & groom tie their knot.

The sacred fire is situated right at the center and is the holy witness for the couple getting married to each other.

10. Tying Of The Eternal Knot –

Last but not least, the tying of the eternal knot is one of the significant moments in the entire Tamil wedding.

This is when the groom ties the Thaali around the bride’s neck that signifies his eternal love for the bride.

This is the eternal knot that the groom will have to respect for the rest of his life and provide all the happiness to his wife for a lifetime.

The guests shower the couple with flowers as a symbol of blessing and offer them all the good wishes for a prosperous married life.

Final Words

Yes, it is true that Tamil weddings do hold a lot of importance and significance in a person’s life and that the wedding ceremony is based on the true essence of Tamil culture, traditions and rituals.

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They’ll be there with you along the way to cherish each and every moment and find your own perfect blend between modern-day balance and old traditions.

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