5 Clothing Hangers That Can Save Your Time

5 Clothing Hangers That Can Save Your Time

It is critical to purchase strong clothes hangers that can easily support the weight of your wardrobe.

When it comes to hangers, the truth is that they aren’t always one-size-fits-all. Different hangers serve different functions and are best suited to certain types of clothing.

You’ll need a different hanger for that adorable blouse than you would for a suit jacket.

Outlined are the five ways in which the right hangers can save your time.

1. Wood Hangers

5 Clothing Hangers That Can Save Your Time 1

The classic wooden hanger is arguably the best option for long-term storage of your clothes. Luxury Wooden Hangers are sophisticated and dependable without being harsh on fabrics.

The broad shoulders are a distinguishing feature that distinguishes wood hangers from the competition. A good hanger should mimic the shape of your shoulders to keep your clothes looking new off the rack.  Also, wood hangers are ideal for heavier items such as blazers, coats, suits, and pants due to their wide shoulders and sturdy material.

Advantages of using wood hunger:

Wooden hangers prevent wrinkles: Properly supporting garments not only keeps your closet organized, but it also keeps your garments in good condition. Allowing clothes to droop or hang incorrectly can cause them to stretch out.

The right hanger provides the necessary support to keep clothes in their original shape while preventing wrinkles. This helps in extending the life of your clothes and eliminates the need for unnecessary ironing.

Wood hangers are durable and long-lasting: One advantage of wooden hangers is that they last longer than wire or plastic hangers. This not only keeps clothes properly hung but also extends the life of the hangers themselves.

High-quality wooden hangers are usually made from a single piece of wood, so there are no seams to crack or break. However, although wooden hangers are more expensive up front, not having to replace them regularly can save money over time.

2. Padded Hangers

5 Clothing Hangers That Can Save Your Time 2

Padded clothing hangers are ideal for displaying special items such as tops, dresses, lingerie, and bridal wear. These hangers are encased in soft satin or cotton cushioning, protecting delicate garments from hanger marks or creases while also adding a luxurious and boutique feel to your wardrobe.

Padded clothes hangers may also include gilded clips for hanging trousers or skirts. Allowing you to keep a favorite outfit combination together or hang a two-piece suit on the same hanger, saving you space in your wardrobe and time when you want to wear it.

3. Plastic Hangers

5 Clothing Hangers That Can Save Your Time 3

You most likely have many plastic hangers in your closet right now. Plastic hangers are inexpensive, come in large quantities, and aren’t nearly as tough on clothing as wire hangers. While not as lovely as some other hangers we recommend, a good plastic hanger will suffice for most items in a pinch.

You can use plastic hangers for T-shirts, blouses, button-downs, and other lightweight fabrics without causing too much wear and tear.

Advantages of plastic hunger include:

  • Its slotted or flat design is suitable for different types of clothes
  • It’s cheap and easy to find
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Available in a variety of colors

4. Cedar Wood Hangers

5 Clothing Hangers That Can Save Your Time 4

Do you have expensive clothes that you want to protect and preserve? Consider Cedar Wood Hangers as the ideal solution for you. Cedar wood is a natural insect repellent that eliminates any insects or bugs that may be present in clothing.

It absorbs any additional moisture and sweat and refreshes your clothing with a raw cedar aroma thanks to its porous body. Hanging your clothes on cedar wood hangers ensures their quality and shape.

Advantages of cedar hangers:

  • It has a lovely aroma
  • Protects against and repels insects and moths
  • Absorbs bad odors
  • It is very strong and durable

5. Flocked Hangers

Non-slip velvet covers the flocked hangers, making them ideal for hanging silk or other light and delicate items. Because it grips the lighter material, this material prevents garments from slipping off hangers in your closet. Additionally, flocked hangers are available in various sizes for adult and children’s clothing.

Advantages of flocked hunger:

  • Prevent slippery fabrics.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing.

Affordability and Availability

The main reason clothes hangers don’t get the attention they deserve is that they’re typically very affordable and easy to come by. Yes, a buck for a 12-pack of plastic hangers at the dollar store may seem like a good deal today. You’re probably aware they won’t be of the highest quality, but they’re just clothes hangers.

And all those free wire hangers you’ve collected over the years from your dry cleaner? So, why throw out a perfect item?

However, consider this: what kind of quality can those hangers possibly have if the dry cleaner is constantly giving them away? The truth is that there is a disadvantage to using cheap hangers instead of higher quality hangers, such as wood clothes hangers.


To keep your clothes looking their best and avoid having to re-iron them when they fall off the hanger, simply store them correctly when not in use, or place them on the washing pile.

Especially delicate clothing like silk dresses or blouses, using the right hangers for different garments will keep them wrinkle-free while in the closet and also increase the life of your garment.


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