4 Ways To Style A Statement Blazer This Season

4 Ways To Style A Statement Blazer This Season

Statement blazers are an exceptional piece to have in your wardrobe, as they can be worn all year round, for any occasion and they can easily be dressed up or down.

If you’re going to invest in something for your wardrobe, a blazer is a way to go, as you can put it on with the simplest outfit and immediately bring it to life. Choose either a classic nude or black blazer, go for something like a dogtooth, or go for a bright and bold statement blazer.

No matter what you choose, just make sure you know you’ll wear it for years to come, as a good quality blazer can last you for years and years! When it comes to selecting the perfect blazer of timeless style and enduring quality, we recommend French Crown India for your perfect blazer purchase.

With Jeans & Tank Top

4 Ways To Style A Statement Blazer This Season

First up, you can put on your favorite pair of jeans, a very simple tank top then add your blazer on top and you will have such a simple yet effective outfit that will help you to look effortlessly stylish. Then, pair it with heels and a matching bag for brunch out, dress it down with a pair of trainers for a coffee out with friends, or wear it with heeled boots for slightly cooler days.

This outfit will show you how much a statement blazer can add, and if you are ever in doubt about what to wear, you know you will find a great outfit with a blazer in your wardrobe. Due to the shape of a blazer, we’d usually recommend choosing either slim or skinny-fit jeans, so your body looks evenly proportioned.

Choosing wide-leg jeans can give the impression of your body looking more comprehensive than it actually is, so usually, the most flattering choices are the more narrow cuts.

With A Dress & Tights

4 Ways To Style A Statement Blazer This Season

Next, we have the cutest Autumn/Winter look using your statement blazer, which is a dress with tights.

Start with a pair of tights, either a nice thick pair for cooler days or a lower denier with interesting patterns if you want something a bit more out there. Then, choose a very simple bodycon mini dress, either short sleeve or long sleeve.

You will need to choose something with your blazer in mind here so it doesn’t clash, but simple white, nude, or little black dresses will go with most options. Then finally, add your blazer. Finish by putting your hair in an updo, and add your favorite chunky boots and a few layered necklaces for a glamorous look.

This is the perfect brunch or Christmas market look, or it’s great if you have a slightly more modern workplace, for a super cool and sophisticated look. Basically, if you’re ever in doubt about what to wear, throw this outfit on and mix your footwear up slightly and you’ll be good to go.

To add some more definition to the outfit, you can also add a belt right around the middle so your mini dress is just poking through the bottom slightly, creating such a gorgeous silhouette.

With A Maxi Dress

4 Ways To Style A Statement Blazer This Season

Many people think that maxi dresses are reserved for the summer months, however, this certainly isn’t the case. Very flowy maxi dresses won’t work very well here, but bodycon maxi dresses will look stunning.

Like with the dress and tights look, try to choose something that’s nice and simple, to let the blazer do the talking. Finish the look with your favorite heeled boots or strappy heels and you will certainly be turning heads for all of the right reasons.

This is a more unconventional look, but trust us, once you wear it once all of your friends will fall in love and will be copying your style in no time!

With Tailored Trousers

4 Ways To Style A Statement Blazer This Season

Moving onto perhaps the most classic blazer combination, which is pairing it with tailored trousers to create a suit. You might have bought the matching trousers to go with the blazer, or if not, you have plenty of options.

If you have a block color blazer, then your options really are endless, as you can simply add a pair of nude or black trousers, or something bolder if you’ve chosen a very simple black or nude blazer.

If you have something like a dogtooth blazer, pick out one of the colors used (traditionally they’re black and white, but more neutral variations and brighter colors are also being seen much more often) and then match the trousers to that color for an effortless look that’s slightly less intense than a full matching print suit.

This is a timeless look that we know you will wear and love for years to come, whether you need a new work outfit, want to impress at a dinner party or you simply like to mix and match and want a couple of great pieces to add to your wardrobe to help you do so.


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