ZeroKaata Is Vocal For Local, Are You?

ZeroKaata Is Vocal For Local, Are You?

“It is time to be vocal for local”

These are not just some random words but a vision that will help India to become self-reliant during and post COVID pandemic.

What Is #VocalForLocal?

On Tuesday evening, while addressing the nation on the Coronavirus pandemic, PM Modi appealed to the nation to use local products only.

He said that the coronavirus outbreak has made us realize the importance of local manufacturing; therefore, it is very important to support local industries.

“In times of crisis like this, local industries and products have fulfilled our demand, this local has saved us. Therefore, Local is not just the need of the country, it is our responsibility also,” PM Modi said during his address to the nation.

ZeroKaata’s Contribution to #VocalForLocal

ZeroKaata has always supported #belocal and here’s how!

Indian Supply Chain:

Our entire supply chain is India-based only. Everything from stones and beads to the base metals is made in India.

We feel proud in saying that we’re a “Made In India” company!

Handmade and Handcrafted Products:

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Our entire jewellery range features products that are either handmade or handcrafted by Indian Artisans.

Right from sourcing the stones and materials to making the molds for jewellery, setting the jewellery pieces, polishing, and finishing the pieces, everything is done by the Artisans.

Our USP lies in making unique handmade and handcrafted jewellery pieces with utmost perfection.

Supporting Indian Artisans:

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We always have and will support Indian Artisans.

In today’s world where machine-made products have taken center stage, we at ZeroKaata make sure that each and every jewellery piece is crafted by the skilled workers of India, so that along with providing you with unique handmade and handcrafted designs, we also empower the Artisans.

One aim is to strengthen the artisans by generating awareness among the artisans-community about the value of their skill and train them continuously to upgrade their skills.

ZeroKaata is #vocalforlocal, are you?

And if not then….

Now is the time to choose LOCAL and be VOCAL about it!

Shop Swadeshi Jewellery at and play your part in supporting “The Local”.


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