We Bet You Didn’t Know These Amazing Earring Facts


Earrings are one jewellery item that is so common to be seen on girls (and even on some men)…So as historically you may have even seen, earrings have been there from long back and it is one of the fashion accessories you can use to decorate your ears with amazing earring facts. 

The older generation used to wear just a single loop as their earring. Imagine such a common accessory having some amazing facts in its historic development over the past years.

Here we share some earrings facts that we bet you didn’t know before.

Amazing Earring Facts List :

Earring Fact No.1

Did you know that You Can Wear an Earring in 9 Parts of Your Ear?

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Yes! The most common area to have a piercing in the ear is – the lobe. But did you know that you can have piercings in 9 other areas of the ear?

They are Helix/Cartilage, Industrial, Rook, Daith, Targus, Snug, Conch, Anti-Targus, and lobe.

Earring Fact No.2

Romans Were the First Group to Popularize Earrings with Precious Gemstones in It

amazing earring facts
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Earring Fact No.3

Earrings and Their Connection with Traditions

Yes! If you thought that girls are only supposed to wear earrings because of their gender demand…you are wrong.

There are several beliefs and traditions associated with wearing earrings.

Example- In the early days, when a sailor pierced his earlobe, it represented that he had completed his sail around the globe or crossed the equator.

Earring Fact No.4

Pirates Wore Earrings as a Part of Superstitious Beliefs

earring facts
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Can you believe it? Apparently, earrings were supposed to ease the sea-sickness that pirates used to have.

Also, they believed that wearing earrings will protect them from bad vibes.

So, which one fact do you think qualifies for the most interesting and amazing earring fact?

Tell us in the comments below.


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