Visa Free Countries For Indians: Your Guide For Your Next Trip Abroad

Visa Free Countries For Indians: Your Guide For Your Next Trip Abroad

Are you someone who loves to travel and embark on new adventures but often holds back because of the hassle of applying for a visa? If your answer is yes, you would be glad to know that there are 20 plus countries around the globe where Indian citizens can travel visa-free. However, visa-free travel should not be confused with the visa on arrival facility, and the former is valid only for a fixed duration of time.

So, if you are yet to kickstart your travel bucket list or want to experience life in a foreign land, you can start by visiting any one of the visa free countries for Indians. Also, if you wish to know more about these places, including the visa validity and travel conditions (if any), keep reading as we will share everything you must know!

Visa Free Countries For Indians: Your Guide For Your Next Trip Abroad 1
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List Of Visa Free Countries For Indians

Mentioned below is the complete list of visa-free countries for Indians, along with the visa validity time period so that you can plan your trip accordingly:  

Visa-Free CountryVisa Valid Until
Bhutan  7 Days
El Salvador  90 Days
Hong Kong  14 Days
Jamaica  30 Days
Fiji  120 Days
Nepal  No Validity
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  30 Days
Trinidad and Tobago  90 Days
Serbia  30 Days
Mauritius  60 Days
Qatar  30 Days
Dominica  180 Days
Macao  30 Days
Grenada  90 Days
Haiti  90 Days
Senegal  90 Days
Montserrat  180 Days
Tunisia  90 Days
Vanuatu  30 Days
Saint Kitts and Nevis  30 Days
Ecuador  90 Days

Whether you enjoy the oceans, the cold weather, or the summer season, there are plenty of visa-free countries for Indians you can choose from. However, it is best to check the website of the Ministry of External Affairs for details on visa-free destinations, as these can keep changing as per bilateral agreements or unilateral travel guidelines.  

Similarly, check for any travel conditions and entry requirements such as return ticket, work permit, pre-registration, or travel insurance, for the destination you wish to visit. Even though travel insurance is not mandatory for all visa-free countries for Indians, it is essential to buy one anyway. By investing in a travel plan, you will get extensive coverage for both medical and non-medical emergencies, that too for an affordable premium cost. So, now let’s talk more about international travel insurance policies.

The Types Of International Travel Insurance Policies

It is indeed easy and convenient to travel to visa-free countries for Indians, but that does not guarantee a safe and healthy trip. You can get injured, get in an accident, or even fall sick while overseas, which is why it is imperative to purchase travel insurance. This way, you won’t have to worry about the financial implications of health emergencies, and you will also receive compensation for lost baggage or passport.

Below are the most popular overseas travel plans that you can buy based on your requirements, travel purpose, and preference:

Single Trip Travel Insurance

These policies are designed for a single trip, lasting a fixed number of days. The visit can either be a holiday/vacation or for visiting family or friends.

Student Travel Insurance

As the name implies, student travel insurance provides coverage to students going to foreign countries for studies. However, these policies typically last for up to three years.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

The insurance plan is valid only for a pre-specified time period, but the sum insured can be used for multiple international trips.

Group Travel Insurance

Group travel policies are generally bought by organizations or companies for employees who go to foreign countries to represent their workplace. However, they can also be purchased by universities and schools for students going abroad or anyone else traveling in a large group.

No matter which visa-free countries for Indians you travel to next, be sure to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance plan, so your trip is stress-free and relaxing. However, it is also crucial to select policies offered by reputed insurers like Care Insurance.


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