Unique Proposal Ideas That Guarantee She Will Say Yes


Gulping the ring down with the champagne is too old an idea to put forth the proposal before your lady love.

Have you been also thinking of a novel and interesting idea on how you will pop up the big question to her this valentine’s day?

Don’t you worry on how things will go, just keep the ring with you and we have some exciting unique proposal ideas’ for the most unanticipated moments- she will never ever know the plan beforehand and would go happily frenzy, yelling out a big YES to you!

Put a spin of your creativity to these foolproof proposal ideas and make her go weak in her knees this valentine’s day!

Unique Proposal Ideas:

By The Beach

Plan a getaway to an island or a place situated on the coastline maybe, build sandcastles together and when she is looking away put the ring on the highest tower of your sandcastle.

Unexpected and unparalleled feelings would make her supremely stirred!

unique proposal ideas

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The Jigsaw Puzzle

Get yourself a beautifully crafted personalized jigsaw puzzle with the message, “will you marry me”.

On an indoor meeting or date suggest the idea of completing the puzzle and let the puzzle do its magic!

The Foodie Proposal

If she is into food, you can choose it as an avenue of surprising her with the big question.

When she is nothing but clueless, and her order comes like that of pizza or cake with the message written all over it she might burst into tears of happiness.

Don’t forget to capture the dash of surprise and glee on her face!

Unique Proposal Ideas That Guarantee She Will Say Yes 1

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Family–Friends Gathering

Organize a potluck for all your friends and family, invite your sweetheart along.

With everyone around indulging in food, go down on your knees and surprise her with the marriage proposal.

Nobody would have expected this coming, we bet!

The Special Proposal

For each couple there is one special place, which is a quite relevant part of their love story- a place they first met or they want on a date.

You can take your partner back to that place and propose then and there, making the moment large!

Unique Proposal Ideas That Guarantee She Will Say Yes 2

[Images Courtesy- Vkool.com , Brillianteers, Pinterest, DPark Photography]

Say It With Flowers

Nothing sets the plot better than a sea of scattered flowers. Surprise her by decorating her room with her favorite flowers while she is busy in the office.

As and when she returns let the cat out, pop her with the question right then.

When you say it with the flowers and the ring, nothing could go wrong!

Make haste; choose your course of action as of how you will make a move this valentine’s day. 

Say what your heart has been holding onto all this while and take a step ahead in your journey. 

Which one among these are you planning to use as your proposal idea this valentine’s day?

Do share your piece of the story and how well the proposal was received by your sweetheart?


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