Unique Outfits, Gifts and Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is all about spreading love.

To summarize this day is all about- candy, flowers and beautiful little heart-shaped notes.

This celebration takes place on 14th February, every year and there’s just something extra special about this day that just sets the lovey-dovey mood.

‘Love is in the Air.’

Maybe it is because of the red flowers and pink decorations that you see everywhere or maybe it is just seeing people so in love, happily celebrating with each other, that just makes your heart go senti with a big ‘AWWWW’!

The History

The day has much evolved from what it is used to be, let’s get you brushed up on how it started. Scroll down below to understand what was Valentines Day dress code all about.

The Man Named Valentine

The day got its name from a man named Valentine, a Roman priest who many people believe helped couples to secretly get married. The story originates from the time of Emperor Claudius II of Rome who had banned marriage!

valentines day
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The emperor thought that unmarried men made better soldiers. The priest believed that it was highly unfair.

So, he decided to break the rules and get couples married anyway. He tried keeping things quiet, however, he was eventually caught. He was killed later on February 14 of the year 270 for defying the emperor!

It is believed that he wrote the first-ever “valentine” to his jailer’s daughter, with whom he had fallen in love. Later, in the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared the day of Valentine’s death as St. Valentine’s Day!

Lupercalia- A Pagan Festival

To “Christianize” Valentine’s day, the Christian church decided to place the St. Valentine’s day as a celebration of Lupercalia. Celebrated in the middle of February, the day was a fertility festival!

It was dedicated to Faunus who is the Roman god of agriculture, and to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus. It included a ritual where men and women were paired off by choosing names from a jar, these matches often ended in marriages.

It is often said that these traditions may have influenced the way we celebrate the day of love now!

valentine day dress code
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In this festival, the members of the Luperci, which was an order of Roman priests gathered at a sacred cave where they would sacrifice a goat and a dog. The goat was believed to be sacrificed for fertility and the dog, for purification. They used to strip the goat’s hide and dip them into the sacrificial blood.

These were then taken to the streets, and were used for gently slapping both women and crop fields as it was believed that this would make them more fertile in the coming year!

Now that you have had a refresher course on what was Valentine’s day all about, it is now time to move ahead!

Every occasion demands a special outfit and the rules are the same for Valentine’s Day!


Who doesn’t like dressing up! But the confusion lies in choosing the perfect outfit and to accessorize it.

We girls often have a meltdown when deciding what to wear and believe us, it is natural!

But we are here for you, and we won’t let you suffer anymore. We have specially curated a list of Go-To outfits and accessories that will help you get all set for the D-day and will surely make your partner go WOW!

Find the perfect Dress Code – Valentines Day with the list given below.

Valentines Day Dress Code For Girls

Orange Jumpsuit and Square Hoops

dress code valentines day
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Why stick to Red, when there are other ways to be BOLD

Who says Red is valentines day dress code, there are so many ways to go for a jaw-dropping look.

Get your LOYL’s nerves racing with the above-shown two-piece orange jumpsuit. Add a pair of razzle-dazzle square hoop earrings with this outfit and show off your fun and flirty side!

This bold colour is not all out like it is with red, however, it is also nowhere near to being modest.

The outfit will help you set a new trend for valentine’s day dress code and will get your partner’s heart racing.

When in Doubt, HOOP it out!

Try going for similar square earrings as shown in the image above. These are subtle yet eye-catching and will not overpower your entire get up.

Now about the makeup, go for a minimal base and add a touch of highlighter and pink gloss, however, make your eyes pop with a contrasting colour- we’d suggest you go all out with blue or green.

Pair the outfit with black stilettos and don’t forget to carry a glimmering clutch or purse for your essentials.

White Off-Shoulder and Studs

Chic and Stylish

You’re in the phase when you’re not together and yet you kind of are? You know he’s going to ask you out for lunch that day, but you don’t want to be seen as someone who’s trying that hard!

We have the right dress code for valentine for this confusing time!

Go for a white off-shoulder top and ripped blue jeans. Make your maroon-red heels the WOW factor here and pair the ensemble with the classy small stud earrings.

valentine's day dress code
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Simply Beautiful.

Go for a pair of simple round diamond stud earrings, take reference from the image shown above.

Again these simple and subtle pieces will show that you care but with the ensemble, they’ll also give you’re cool with anything kind of vibe.

Go for the most minimal makeup, just kohl and Lipper are sufficient, if it’s a little sunny, then remember that you also need to carry classic black shades, they’ll help with the ‘at ease’ vibe and carry a sling or purse along.

For your hair, you can go for both a messy ponytail or a simple bun to show off your trinkets.

Red Cocktail Dress and Danglers

The RED Revolution

The staple dress code in valentine’s day is to go for a brilliant red dress. The red dress is perfect if you wish to go full on OTT and want to set everyone gushing! It is also the best choice when it comes to theme parties, where obviously the dress code for valentine’s day is red.

Set your partner’s heart pounding with this red number and to complete the outfit, pair them with gorgeous Diamond Danglers.

valentine's day dress code
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Dazzle ‘em with Danglers!

The danglers are the perfect choice if you wish to catch the eyes of everyone around. For this red cocktail dress, slip on a pair of black or red 6-inch heels.

As for the makeup, do the full base, use concealers, rouse and everything you can get hands-on!

Remember to complete the look with red lipstick and winged liner and leave your hair open in soft curls.

Lastly, there’s no need to hassle with a bag in this look, ask your partner to carry the stuff. You just focus on stunning everyone with your glam look!

Ruffles, Drops and Bracelets

Ruffle, Duffel and Obviously Shuffle!

This simple cream shade ruffle dress will be the right dress code for valentine’s day for you, if the plan is just a casual outing for wine tasting and afterwards chilling.

The ruffles help in adding a dressy look and pairing them with short black boots is all you need to up your glam!

For accessories go for the elegant drop earrings and complete the ensemble with a stylish bracelet as shown in the image below.

dress code for valentine
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Elegance never goes out of Style.

The simple silver bracelet and drop earrings will work well with your cream ruffle dress.

Remember not to overdo the look, with accessories, as nothing beats an effortless evergreen look. For this look, straighten your hair and let it loose or in a semi-neat braid, add a nude shade of lipstick and do french manicure for nails.

Go for a graphic arrow liner or a fishtail liner, and a mix of golden and cream shade eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.

Lastly, add a mauve shade sling bag, and put in your essential makeup items and comb in it and your pretty look is all set.


Now that we have discussed the valentine’s day dress code, it is time to move on to the next big aspect, the creative dates and gifts.

The day is already stressful enough, without you bearing the burden of choosing the perfect way to make a memorable date night.

Go Beyond Netflix and Chill!

Worry not! We have a solution for that as well. Go ahead, scroll down and see which idea for dreamy date clicks with you!

At-Home Karaoke Bar

dress code for valentine
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This is the perfect idea if you feel like having a lazy yet great day. Have a sing-a-long, where one of you who knows how to play an instrument- guitar, piano, anything will do, plays it and the other sings along.

Go through all your favourite songs and for the finishing touch grab a bottle of wine and some dessert. This will help you do away with the valentines day dress code part and will make for a perfect day to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

Turn Back The Clock- Recreate Your First Date

Make her fall in love with you again, there’s a good chance that the kind of effort you made at the beginning of your relationship, is not what you still do.

So, for this special day, go back in time, prove to her that you still have the same romantic side. Woo her with your charming side and make it a perfect date.

Women love it when men remember the small details. It makes them happy that you still remember the tiny details which you shared with each other when you were getting to know each other.

So, make it a day to remember and take her to the same place where you had your first date.

Order the same food and do all the same things that first sparked your romance!

Scavenger Hunt

dress code for valentine
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The hottest trend in making the valentine’s day special is to plan out a scavenger hunt.

This is a fun and creative way to show your significant other, how much you really love and care for them.

Doing this will offer you both a memorable and unique experience, that you’ll surely cherish and appreciate for the rest of your life.

Some tips to get you started- start your way from the end and work backwards, the crucial point is where do you want the person to end up, involve more people, this will make your partner feel important, that all your loved ones are involved in making it the special and lastly, don’t forget the gift, that is what will they end up with once the treasure hunt is over.


Considering that it is a valentine’s day gift, our suggestion is gifting jewellery.

This will totally melt her heart and make her all giddy. We have put down a list below of some jewellery pieces that you can use as a gift for the special day.

Heart Rings

Propose your partner and let her know how much you love her with these beautiful heart rings.

Heart Pendant Set

Let your partner know how special she is to you with this gorgeous stone studded heart-shaped pendant.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Make your better half swoon on the sight of this awe-inspiring diamond tennis bracelet!

Prove to them that you would travel from the moon and back just to see them smile.

We understand that you have very little time to choose the best outfit, dates and gifts for the special day and so we cannot have you wasting your time with trials and errors.

We hope that with this list, some of your worries will be put to rest and you will be able to magically turn around Valentine’s Day.

Now that you are all set for this aww-some holiday, remember to share your plans with us and tell us your favourite pick in the comments below.


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