5 Ways To Style Lightweight Jewellery For This Year

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In the recent few years, gemstone jewellery has risen in its popularity due to the beauty it exudes and the charm it can add to your personality. However, some people are wary of these pieces assuming they can be weighty and ostentatious, while this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Despite being studded with gemstones, your jewellery can be lightweight and super-stylish.

Another concern is about the gemstone to choose for the jewellery. Whether you want to pick precious gems like emerald and Blue sapphire stone or opt for semi-precious varieties like opal stone or aquamarine, you’ll find a wide range to suit your tastes and style preferences. Always buy certified gemstones that come with a certificate of authenticity proving their purity, clarity grade, and origin.

And if you’re worried about styling your lightweight jewellery, here are some tips to help you make the best fashion decisions ever:

Layer and Stack

If you still haven’t explored the art of jewellery layering, it’s high time you do that. Dig out your dainty necklaces or opal rings to create a layered look that never fails to impress onlookers. When layering necklaces, be careful to wear them according to the length of each individual piece.

Try creating a colour-coordinated look when stacking your rings. For example, choose stunning opal rings with filigree designs and stack them with other coloured gemstones like tourmaline, citrine, and carnelian. Together, they can create a breathtaking aura of colours to match every style.

Don’t Go Overboard

With their simple and minimalist designs, lightweight pieces can be your favourite choice for every occasion. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway with friends or attending a destination wedding, you’ll grab eyeballs everywhere by wearing simple yet elegant opal stone or any other gemstone jewellery.

Stone cut as cabochons will look great for stacking them up. Subtle designs featuring a brilliantly cut fire opal set in a gold ring with a prong setting let your stone take the centre stage without being overwhelmingly over-the-top. If you’d love to add a little touch of diamond to your ensemble, wear your classy opal ring with paved diamonds set in a thin band.

Even if you don’t wish to stack or layer your jewellery, simple rings with a band of diamonds surrounding a coloured centre stone will do the trick.

Gold and Silver Are the Best Options

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When styling your lightweight jewellery, remember that your choice of metals can make a lot of difference. Instead of going all out with different metals, try sticking to one of the options and letting it create the right impact. For example, black opals set in a sterling silver pendant can look bold and stunning with any outfit in any setting.

Similarly, gold jewellery is a versatile option for making a quintessential style statement. You can hardly ever go wrong with gold jewellery, whether it’s a delicate pendant with a round-cut stone or a statement ring with a 4-prong setting.

Both these metals can carry your lightweight jewellery with perfect poise and you’ll love the way they feel on your skin. And if you’re looking for jewellery that brings metaphysical effects, too, go for Panchdhatu which combines five essential metals gold, silver, iron, zinc, and copper.

Keep Your Makeup Simple

Lightweight jewellery looks amazing when paired with light makeup. Most stylists and jewellery experts will agree with this statement because loud and too much makeup can take the attention away from your jewels. Even bold designs can hardly stand amid brightly done makeup.

An elaborate hairstyle or smoky eyes will draw more attention than your precious pearls, sapphires, or opals set in minimalistic designs. Let the jewellery speak up with a little mascara and minimal face makeup.

Consider Dainty Earrings

When it comes to stylish earrings, lightweight doesn’t necessarily mean small or minimal. You can create a masterpiece by wearing your moti jhumkis designed with red or fire opal in a gold setting.

Long earrings with a thin chain are also an excellent way to dress up for any occasion. If you prefer going a bit adventurous, opt for tussled earrings featuring with light and thin tassels made of silver or tiny pearls. Another beautiful option is a pair of drop earrings with a large coloured stone surrounded by a band of diamonds.

These are five impactful ways of wearing delicate and lightweight gemstone jewellery perfectly for this year. Lightweight jewellery is the hot trend, and if you don’t have enough of such pieces in your collection, it’s time to go shopping.

How To Choose The Perfect Gemstone Jewellery

Before venturing out to find some perfect jewels that will add more stars to your looks without weighing you down, check a few things.

  1. Choose the right type of gemstone depending on your personal inclinations and astrological recommendations from a trusted astrologer. Natural gemstones carry some cosmic energies that must align with your life force to create a lasting effect. Stones like opal can change your luck and elevate your financial status if bought correctly.
  2. Once you know which stone to buy, invest in a quality product. Check its colour, cut, clarity, origin, and carat weight to get a perfect balance of all these factors. For example, Ethiopian opals with a perfect play of colour, high transparency, and consistent fire display are extraordinary options.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions from seller and compare the prices of a stone when buying your jewellery online.


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