Skill development Workshops Recap In Jewellery Industry


Have you also thought about it several times that wouldn’t it be good if efforts are made to look beyond the sheen of the jewellery and more of learning and professional opportunities be created around them?

Well, you are right with the approach! And there have been attempts of various scales to make the same possible by different organizations and individuals.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 workshops and skill development workshops that were conducted for the jewellery industry in 2018.

IGI and Pavan Mor Jewellers organized a workshop in Hyderabad

International Gemmological Institute (IGI) and Pavan Mor Jewellers spearheaded the workshop ‘Know your Jewellery’ in Hyderabad at Pavan Mor Jewellers.

The paramount aim of the organized workshop was to help women like you to know the difference between the fake and real diamonds.

It was an empowering effort made to educate women – so as to make you all equipped with the right information which can benefit you by helping in making the right choices.

It was a flagship event conducted by Hitindra Mistry, Head of Education of IGI; where he distributed amongst all certificates and diamond kits.

It helped enthusiasts and end consumers like all of us of being able to derive the right conclusions about the authenticity of diamonds.

International Institute of Gemmology’s joint venture with VIVA International Hong Kong

Skill development Workshops
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The International Institute of Gemmology announced its joint venture with Hong Kong’s VIVA International with the sole aim of synergizing the educational and institutional expertise which will prove fruitful to all the students associated with the joint venture in the prolonged future in terms of their career and the country.

Hari Krishna Group hosted the Skill India Incentive ceremony 2018

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A Skill India Incentive Ceremony was held with a perspective of enhancing the efficiency of the respective employees as well as honoring them for their equally sincere efforts all throughout the year.

The prime minister of our country Mr. Narendra Modiji graced the ceremony by being a part of it through video conferencing.

DJA organized three-day RPL training and certificate program

Daivadnya Jeweller’s association conducted a three-day certificate program with a registration of 800 artisans.

The certificate course has international validity and has proved as a boon for all as along with the permanent certificate of a goldsmith they got free insurance of 2 lakh for three years and with the government’s promise of Rs 500 to each artisan‘s bank account as a stipend.

GJSCI organized ‘Apprenticeship Roadshow’

Skill development Workshops Recap In Jewellery Industry 2
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Gem & Jewellery Skill Council of India (GJSCI) organized the Apprenticeship Roadshow which was in affiliation with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) with the motive of educating, empowering and rejuvenating the skill of the artisans part of the jewellery industry.

All of the above institutional skill development programs and workshops were a great success.

We will keep you updated with more such programs, till then keep reading and tell us in the comments below how else the skill development process can take place?


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