How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look

How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look
How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look


Crystal jewellery was one of the hottest runway trends of 2019 and will shine in 20′ as well

The crystals that were once associated with class, elegance and style are now making a comeback as the most sought after jewellery kind right now.

The crystals ranging in colors from vibrant yellow to deep blue to popping pink are all combined in sleek and modern designs to create contemporary looks.

The same crystals are being widely used with Indian jewellery style of Kundankaari, Meenakari and Temple jewellery to create traditional pieces.

Bollywood Queen D, Mrs Deepika Padukone Singh donned the fine crafted green crystal and gold choker necklace for her wedding festivities.

The square-shaped beads in rich green color looked like fine artistry against her luxurious gold Kanjeevaram saree.

If Bollywood starlets like Deepika Padukone can’t resist the glamorous crystal jewellery, how can you?

You have to check the awesome collection of crystal jewellery at Sukkhi jewellery for a first-hand experience of the style.

Our top favorite from the Sukkhi Jewellery collection has to be this clear aqua blue bracelet set in rhodium.

Drippin’ further in the flavor of the season, we’ll take you through certain ways to incorporate crystal jewellery in your everyday style. Take a peek!

Understanding The Colors

Crystal beads are cheaper than the precious stones but pack the same level of beauty.

The crystals beads are stitched together in fine patterns and designs to create unique jewellery pieces.

Sometimes you may find it hard to style a multi-color piece of jewellery but we have a trick.

When you’re wearing a statement piece of jewellery always keep your outfit colors neutral or sober.

Let the jewellery colors pop against the simple canvas of your attire.

With something like this rani haar, a plain black kurta or white saree would have looked like a fireball.

Bigger Stone, Less Number Of Colors

It is best to stick to a single color when you’re wearing a chunkier size of crystal jewellery.

Something like ace actress Angelina Jolie’s infamous emerald green earrings would look add the oomph to a single color look.

The earrings are such great head turners. If you see yourself falling for bigger crystal jewels – stick to single color preference.

You can try this with rings, stud earrings, drop earrings for cocktail nights and office wear.

Crystals With Indian Wear

Red rubies and green emeralds are the most widely used crystals in India.

The famous traditional Kundankari jewellery is centre-facing towards crystals.

Right from necklaces to matha patti to rings to even nose pins , you will find your kind of crystal-kundankaari jewellery.

The Kundan accessories with darker toned crystals should be teamed with lighter shades and simpler prints white lighter colored stones should be used dark and deep maroons, browns and greys.

Kundan and crystal jewellery is a popular bridal jewellery style that is so much in trend right now.

You can choose feroza cocktail ring or ruby red kundan crystal necklace for a wedding look. 

How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look
How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look
How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look
How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look

Incorporating Trending Crystal Jewellery

The crystals have found their way amongst fashion jewellery lovers too.

The trendy jewels like chokers, headbands, midi rings and anklets are also available in a wide variety of styles.

However, not necessary that every fashion jewellery with embellished crystals is a hit, right? Choose your crystals carefully while buying trendy jewels.

The bigger crystals tend to look tacky when woven in newer designs. But something like this small opal embellished choker necklace looks uber-sexy and stylish.

Remember the bigger the crystal, the smaller and simpler the jewel style.

You should only buy fashion crystal jewellery when the jewel style is simple with big crystals or vice versa.

You can check Sukkhi artificial jewellery collection of crystal designs for affordable options.

P.S. This amethyst ring has got us weak in the knees right now.

How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look
How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look

Boho Fashion

Bohemian fashion lovers would know how deeply rooted crystals are in the boho jewellery style.

Right from single, unpolished crystals or feroza rings – They are all such a common sighting in the summer season.

The boho jewellery borrows heavily from crystal jewellery.

Right from simple nose pins to stacks of bracelets to anklet sets to antique necklace – The silver tribal jewellery lives and breathes crystals.

You can star with feroza crystal jewels in silver as it is the simplest color to add to any kind of outfit.

You can eventually graduate to onyx, rose quartz and opal jewellery in antique silver designs for a bohemian look.

How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look
How To Style Crystal Jewellery For Your Everyday Look

Crystal beads can be matched well with any kind of outfits.

Be it an Indian saree or a two-piece swimsuit – You can throw in some crystal jewellery for an instant color boost.

Started from the Mughal era, crystal jewellery continues to fascinate jewellery lovers of all age groups and nationalities.

Indians are obsessed with crystal jewellery set in kundankari, meenakari or jadau jewellery style while the western world loves their crystals in silver jewellery.

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