How To Make Rakhi At Home: A Complete Guide

How To Make Rakhi At Home: A Complete Guide

Raksha Bandhan, as the literal meaning suggests is a ‘protection bond’, commonly referred to as Rakhi, this festival celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters.

Celebrated in the Hindu month of Shravan, on a full moon day, Rakhi falls in August, usually during the monsoon season.

How Is Rakhi Celebrated?

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a thread that may be simple or one with intricate designs and amulets, around their brothers’ wrists.

This thread is known as rakhi, it is representative of the sisters’ well wishes and prayers for the protection of their brothers.

The brothers, in turn, take an oath to protect and care for their sisters. After completing the arti and putting on the holi red tilak, the siblings feed each other delicious sweets and the sisters are given gifts by their brothers.

Changing Times and Evolved Meanings

Nowadays, people tie rakhis and celebrate the festival as a way to celebrate ties of friendship, respect, and mutual respect.

With the changing times, the festival is not just thought of as a festival of sibling love, but also of friendships and association of support.

The pure love and well wishes which are symbolic of this festival are what make it a much-loved festival of India.

Want To Make Your Brother Feel Special?

how to make rakhi

We get that you want your brother to feel special on this day and want to show him that you always have his back! But it’s always difficult to express, a simple trick might work though!

Want To Know How? Making Rakhi Would Surely Be A Start!

Yes! We are talking about handmade rakhi. You can make a rakhi and add your own fun and quirky element to it.

We know that you cherish your brother and love him to death but with the constant quarrels and fighting, you never get a chance to show your love and appreciation.

Add a Twist to your celebrations this year!

Surprise your brother this year, make him go wow and how! Make a rakhi yourself as a token of your love and appreciation.

With a plethora of options available on the web with the heading DIY Rakhi: How to make, you will be an expert in no time.

Plus given the tough situation this year, it’s a better option to avoid the rush places and learn how to make rakhi yourself!

Still not sure how to go on? Don’t worry!

We have some uber-cool options with us, that will make you a wizard when it comes to how to make a rakhi.

Go through the options that we’ve specially selected for you and show-off your awesome skills through these creative pieces!

How To Make Rakhi At Home:

Big Ring and Gold Beads Rakhi

how to make rakhi
  • You’ll need the following materials- silk thread, cords, glue, scissors, 3 different sized rings and jump rings, and lastly tiny embellishments like mirrors and beads for decoration.
  • Wrap the rings completely with silk threads and do the same for the other two rings, try using different coloured threads.
  • Put the rings inside one another and decorate the outermost ring with beads with the help of glue. After the rings are securely in place and have dried, start adding embellishments.
  • Use jump rings in rakhi, these will help in adding the cord. Finally, add a cord to both sides and secure them with a knot to complete the rakhi.

Zari Rakhi

how to make rakhi at home
  • You’ll need the following materials: zari motifs, bright-colored lace, thread, and needle or fabric adhesive and scissors.
  • There are a variety of Zari motifs to pick from, you can choose whichever style appeals to you. The popular ones include peacock and flowers.
  • Take the bright coloured lace, ensure the colours match to the ones on the Zari motifs and sew it on the sides or paste it on the backside of the motif.
  • If you’ve pasted it, then let it dry for a while and your zari rakhi is ready.

Silk Thread Rakhi

how to make rakhi
  • Collect the following materials: cotton twine, silk thread, flat stone bead and scissors.
  • Twist both the silk and cotton threads together and make 10-15 rounds and tie a knot in the centre and cut the edges with scissors.
  • Make a round shape like that of a flower, by spreading the threads. After this, tie a bead to the centre with the help of a cotton thread and make a braid with another cotton thread.
  • Sew the braid to the centre tightly to secure it in its place and Voila! The rakhi is ready now!

Button Felt Rakhi

how make rakhi at home
  • Collect the following materials: Two coloured felts, colourful buttons, satin ribbons, scissors, needle and thread
  • Cut the coloured felts in whatever shape you like, you can go for flowers, stars, leaves or pretty much anything.
  • Sew the felts together with the help of a needle and a colourful thread and after this, sew the colourful button on top of the felts and the satin ribbon on the bottom side
  • The designer button felt rakhi is now ready for you to flaunt.

We hope that the above options were able to help you to make a rakhi and surprise your brother!

Now for the brothers, when your sisters are putting in all their effort into making the day special for you, you need to seriously up your game and return their love with at least equal love and gratitude, if not more!

The Perfect Rakhi Gift For Sister

If the sisters are putting in all this effort, they too deserve a little effort from your side.

These gifts express a gesture of appreciation and are given to show your love and thankfulness for the support your siblings have provided you, through all the ups and downs and in every phase of your life.

Pour your heart out and express your love to your sister with a heartfelt gift.

And obviously, what better than to gift Jewellery!

With the internet exploding with options, it might get a little difficult for you to choose the piece of jewellery for your sister!

However, we’ve tried making your life easier, scroll to this list given below and find the rakhi gift for your sister that she’ll surely love!

Stud Earrings

western earrings

Statement earrings are charming, fancy and feminine. They easily draw the attention of the viewers. While choosing these earrings, it is important to consider the colour, length, shape and weight.

These pieces are the most versatile when it comes to statement jewellery and they allow the wearers to choose a style for each ear.

…Stay Chic and Classy…

Over the years, and with changing trends, earrings fashion has become more fluid where today, it is not unusual to see mismatched earrings of different styles, colours and even shapes.

The above piece gives a bold yet elegant vibe. It’ll match well with pretty much all kinds of dresses or tops and would be well suited with sleek hair, tucked behind the ear or with hair pulled up in a ponytail or bun.

Oxidized Rings

Oxidized Silver Vintage Tree Ring

Statement rings, also commonly referred to as cocktail rings, are the large, right-hand rings that draw lots of attention.

These rings add a fun and elegant element to any outfit and they can be used with everything from street style trends to runway fashion and bridal wear too!

‘Stock up! Because you just can’t have enough of these pretty baubles!’

The above design is from the chunky silver rings collection and is an adjustable vintage tree ring, which helps you to channel your inner boho style!

These statement rings may have a featured stone or have an intricate design.

If like us, your sister too goes completely ‘ga-ga’ for shiny sparkly ornaments, then you have to have these trinkets in both precious metals as well as in silver for her!

Stone Bracelets

Yellow Stone Jewellery Bracelet

A hit amongst the fashionistas, statement bracelets can be easily accessorized with any of your looks.

These pieces have a timeless charm to them and they have a sleek, well-polished and modern look. They help in giving your hands a delicate and classy look.

Score extra on Style-O-Meter!

Statement bracelets complement your attire and help in attaining the sophisticated look.

They are available in a variety of styles like cuff, bangle and they can have multiple textures, charms, motifs and elegant separators.

These bracelets add-on to the glam, and especially go well with dressy outfits.

Coin Necklace

coin necklace

Coin necklace is one of our personal favourites. The cute german silver necklace has survived the tides of time and is considered to be a good luck charm in many cultures!

In earlier days, it was worn as a status symbol to show how much wealth the bearer had.

Add vintage goodness to add the edgy-chic factor!

Sometimes referred to as the sweetheart jewellery, this delicate piece adds oodles of charm to every outfit and looks very feminine. This makes for the perfect rakhi gift for sister and will have your sister swooning at its sight!

What Are You Still Waiting For?

Order these beautiful delights for your sister today and make this rakhi a special one. Share the piece that you’re going to surely place in your wishlist with us in the comments below.

You can also check out more such exquisite jewellery designs at the best place for online jewellery shopping:


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