8 Attention-Grabbing Hairstyles For Lehenga Look

hairstyle for lehenga

If you are a bride-to-be who is looking for some trendy hairdos that go with both your attire and personality, then allow us to take your troubles away.

We know that you are all set for D-day, after all, we all know you’ve been waiting for this special moment your entire life and so you have everything mapped out for the main wedding day.

But well, for us Indians, nothing comes that easy, even though you’ve planned everything for the special day, you might have missed out on a detail or two for the days preceding this wedding day.

Marriage is a celebration of its own and before the main day arrives, we have a gazillion other functions to topple up our happiness before we even arrive at the main occasion.

We are here to take some stress away from you.

After all the brides-to-be should have the wedding glow, not the emotions overflow!

However, before we get started we’d like to wish you congratulations on finally taking the plunge of spending your life with your one true love.

We wish you and your partner a lifetime of happiness and togetherness and wish that your life is filled with joy, peace, and love.

We understand the importance that the wedding day and the functions preceding it holds for you, after all these are the memories that you will cherish for a lifetime, and to make the process flow a little smoother for you, we’ve got some hairstyle ideas for you for the Sagai function.

Lehenga is sure to wear the thing on the Sagai day, but what about the hairstyle that will go with it?

Well, you needn’t worry about that either, all you have to do is use the mouse button or keyboard key to scroll down below and get your hands on the dreamy hairstyle for lehenga.


List Of Trending Hairstyle For Lehenga

1. Single Diagonal Braid and Curls

hairstyle on lehenga
[Image Courtesy: https://www.shaadisaga.com/]

This hairdo is the perfect option if you want a minimalistic yet glamorous look. All you have to do is curl your hair inwards first to create a cascading look and then take a small strand from the side and put it in a simple diagonal braid.

The easy way to achieve a soft look for the knots is to bring the hair that you’re putting in a braid to the side instead of the centre, this will also make it easy to make the diagonal braid.

Lastly, add some small flower clips to the knots in the braid and put your lehenga on with this hairdo. Your elegant hairstyle in lehenga is all set for you to flaunt!

2. Buns With Ambada Veni

lehenga hairstyle
[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/]

While the previous hairstyle gave a semi-modern look, the bun with Ambada Veni is the most traditional hairstyle you’ll find.

This classic hairdo never gets old and has been opted for brides for eons now.

While we usually recommend this one for the main wedding day, however, if the traditional look is what you’re aiming for, then don’t let us or anyone else stop you.

This classic hairstyle for lehenga is perfect for oozing out the old-world charm and bringing a traditional appeal to your look.

As shown in the image above, you can go for multiple gajras around your neat bun and top it off with an Ambada Veni for achieving a wholesome look.

3. The Loose Curls

hairstyle on lehenga
[Image Courtesy: https://www.shaadisaga.com/]

Brides-to-be if you are having too much trouble in fixating on one hairstyle, then we are sure that this hairstyle will set your inspiration right.

This stunning hairstyle will surely uplift the look of your lehenga and will help you achieve all the razzle-dazzle.

There is nothing better than letting your hair loose in gorgeous curls, however, with the dance performances and all the elements that are involved in a Sagai Ceremony, our suggestion is to go for a half-tie kind of look so that your hair stays in place and your look, in the beginning, matches with the one when the night ends.

Just make a simple braid in the front portion in a ‘U’ style and add some pretty flowers to notch up the look.

4. Side Swept Curls

hairstyle in lehenga
[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/]

If you aren’t planning on wearing any hair accessories and a floral lehenga, then you will not find anything better than this hairstyle.

This hairdo is neat and attractive and will surely suit the fashionista that you are.

The hair as shown in the image have been side swept in curls, there’s a semi side puff in the front, which has been made to look a little sleek and bouncy with backcombing and hair spray, and the puff is twisted towards the end and held in place with bobby clips and the rest of the hair are put to one side in voluminous curls.5.

5. Rough Half-Tie and Voluminous Curls

lehenga hairstyle
[Image Courtesy: https://www.shaadisaga.com/]

This hairstyle is made for brides-to-be who want to achieve an effortless yet magnificent look. This hairstyle in lehenga looks every bit stunning and the starry clip which keeps the half-tie together will surely leave you with starry eyes.

This gorgeous half-tie with hair accessory in the center is a favorite amongst brides and they usually prefer to go for this hairdo given its simple and striking nature.

This hairstyle is similar to what you do for the outward ponytail, the differentiating point is just that there’s no ponytail hair and after the twists and putting of the hair accessory, you have to let your hair loose.

6. Centre Parting Braids, Bun and Gajra

hairstyle for lehenga
[Image Courtesy: https://weddingz.in/]

This attractive hairstyle will instantly up the elegance and grace factor in your look.

If you are someone who is planning on wearing a maang tikka and gajra for your Sagai Ceremony, then we’d suggest you stop right there and go for this beautiful hairdo.

We assure you that this hairstyle will add to the charm of your Sagai lehenga and will make you look like a princess straight out of a fairytale.

All you have to do here is go for a center parting in the front, and with a little twist and turn on both sides, get a similar braid-like look.

Then put your hair up in a bun, round it off with a white gajra, and add a maang tikka in the center, and Voila! The look is complete.

7. Crown Puff and Edgy Braids

hairstyle in lehenga
[Image Courtesy: https://www.shaadisaga.com/]

This elaborate hairstyle requires a lot of patience and a lot of time, so before we dig a little deeper about this hairstyle, we’d like to inform the brides-to-be that you have to take out a lot of time to get this look right.

The front hair has been twisted and put into a braid, and the rest of the hair is curled to create a waterfall-like effect.

Next, the hair has been put in a half-tie and some lavender flowers are added here to give a splendid look.

The rest of the hair has been symmetrically put in double braids and ponytails. The center part, right below the lavender is in a bubble ponytail, and on both sides, we have the straight double braids.

8. French Braid Twist

french hairstyle for lehenga
[Image Courtesy: https://www.shaadidukaan.com/]

If you are someone who wants to make the most of her Sagai Day, then our recommendation is that you should totally opt for this gorgeous hairstyle.

This hairstyle in lehenga will look every bit as amazing as it does in the picture. The multiple French braids are collected together here to achieve a wholesome look.

It will keep your hair in a neat look and will ensure that you do not miss out on the fun and frolics of the day.

As can be seen from the image, the hair here has been put in a french braid. There’s a center parting in the front and hair there has been locked in braids and twists, a pretty pink flower is added as a hair accessory to match the lehenga, you can go for any other flower or clip to get your look right.

PS- If you are a close friend, sister, or cousin on either side, be it, bride or groom, then you too can try these stunning hairstyle with lehenga.

The only variation you’d have to do is with make-up, so just go with a little simple base instead of the full OTT zone, and you will surely rock the above-given hairstyle in lehenga looks!

What are you waiting for! Start experimenting today!

We don’t want you to keep waiting for the final day to make your decision on the kind of hairstyle in lehenga look you want.

Try every hairstyle we’ve given above, click a million pictures and take everyone’s opinions and your feelings into consideration for achieving that on-point hairstyle on lehenga look.

Also, if you like the blog then click on the like button and share your favorite hairstyle for lehenga look with us in the comments.

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