IT Did What? Untangled Jewellery In seconds!

Hacks to untangle your jewellery

Whether it’s kept away in your handbag for travel or kept in a box, or layered around your neck, chain jewellery has a way of getting into a tangled mess, which is, of course, irritating to deal with.

The worst part is that the tangled jewellery mess keeps you from wearing your favorite jewellery pieces. And to avoid that, we have come up with 3 quick and easy self-tried hacks to untangle the tangled jewellery pieces in seconds.

These untangled jewellery hacks rely on household items which are easily available at your home. Sounds easy? Well! they are much easier to follow.

Ready to have a look?

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Untangled Jewellery in seconds

The must-have thing to untangle any type of jewellery!

Patience is the key to untangle any type of jewellery. Never try to untangle the jewellery if you’re on a time crunch because it won’t end well and you’ll end up breaking or disowning most of it.

Take a deep breath and keep your patience level high as you untangle the jewellery mess.

How to Start?

  • The very first hack is to make sure that all the claps are undone because a single chain is easier to untangle as it is more likely to slide easily out of a knot. Make sure that you remove all the earrings from the mess first and then start with untangling process.
  • Next thing, remove all the pendants, hooks, and charms attached to the chains and be extra careful while doing that. You don’t want to harm/damage your jewellery, especially fashion necklaces
  • Now that you’re left with the chain knots, follow these quick and easy tricks to untangle the annoying knots in seconds.

These tricks are quick and easy to implement. All you need is some regular household items, patience and a good lighting system for quick and better results.

How to untangle the annoying chain knots?

Baby / Coconut Oil:

Apply baby oil/ coconut oil to the knot with a cotton ball and gently massage it with your fingers until you begin to feel it loosen.

Baby Powder:

Untangled Jewellery in seconds

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Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on the knot. It will help to lose the knot, thereby making it easier to untangle the knot.

Alternatively, you can also use a bag. Add approximately one tablespoon of baby powder to a small sealable container or a bag such as a zip-top plastic bag.

Place the jewellery piece in the container and give things a shake for about 1-1.5 minutes.

The baby powder works within the knots and helps things loosen up easily, without doing any damage to the chain. Remove the necklace and gently massage the knot using your fingers.

Most chains should untangle after a few rolls but if it’s taking time to untangle them, then keep your calm and continue working until the chain is knot-free.

Once the chain is untangled, wash it with warm water and a mild soap or baby soap. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Sewing Needle/ Tiny Screwdriver:

hacks to untangle the jewellery

This method works best in the worst cases.

If the annoying knots are still not breaking, use a sewing needle to work inside knots.

In case you don’t have a sewing needle, you can use a tiny screwdriver or any needle for that matter.

You can also use coconut oil for lubrication to loosen up the knot. Don’t worry, it won’t tarnish or harm your precious/semi-precious or artificial jewellery set.

These were a few easy to implement hacks to untangle the jewellery in seconds.

Do you know any other type of hack to untangle the annoying jewellery knots? Drop comments and share your ways to tackle the tangled jewellery.

Till then,

Take care of yourself and your jewellery!


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