GloBox By ZeroKaata: A Myntra Exclusive Brand

GloBox By ZeroKaata: A Myntra Exclusive Brand

The ‘Globox By ZeroKaata’ is a unique proposition offered by ZeroKaata, featuring an exclusive range of Handcrafted Jewellery that has been crafted with love and finesse by Indian Artisans.

It showcases a mix of ethnic, tribal and statement designer pieces that are available on MYNTRA only.  

ZeroKaata and Myntra: The Exclusive Relationship

ZeroKaata is one of the accelerating brands selling on Myntra and our relationship with the latter goes beyond just being Channel partners.

By launching a Myntra exclusive Brand, “Globox By ZeroKaata”, our relationship with Myntra has become even stronger.

For us, it has been a very exciting journey with Myntra. With sustained effort and a strong team, we’ve been able to create and maintain our position as one of the leading Myntra sellers that caters to the accessorizing needs of the modern woman by not only selling jewellery but also the journey experienced by our Artisans to make each and every jewellery piece.

You too can experience that journey! Check out our entire collection here:

The Aim Of “GloBox By ZeroKaata”

Globox By ZeroKaata is about supporting every woman who wishes to stand out in all aspects of her life without compromising with her budget.

Therefore, we have kept an affordable price range for all of our jewellery styles.

By being a Myntra exclusive brand, we want to offer exclusivity to every woman/girl who shops at Myntra and wants to create a statement with her style.

So, go on and show some love to our exclusive Myntra brand.

Check out our entire collection here:

How To Style “Globox By ZeroKaata” Jewellery

In addition to the ‘why’ aspect, we’ve gone ahead and have also added the ‘how’ aspect in this blog!

How can you style our Jewellery pieces for awe-inspiring looks! Curious? Want to have a look?

Check it out below!


Gold Plated and Pink Kundan Studded Drop Earrings

Kundan Earrings By GloBox By ZeroKaata: A Myntra Exclusive Brand

Achieve the Dreamy Look!

The one size Gold-Toned and Pink Classic Earrings are secured with a post and back closure. These earrings are 9 cm in length and are made of brass. The pearl stones in these drop earrings make these earrings look more elegant.

The gold plating earrings with the pink Kundan help in adding softness to your face and make you look regal.


These earrings would look great with ethnic outfits and you can wear them in any family function or important ceremony.

You can also wear them to a casual brunch, pair these earrings with a simple top and black or grey washed jeans and you’re all set to go.

Silver Handcrafted Dome Shaped Jhumkas

Jhumka Earrings By GloBox By ZeroKaata: A Myntra Exclusive Brand

For the Old World Charm!

These stunning handcrafted earrings are exactly what dreams are made of. These oxidised jhumkis have a dome-like shape and are amongst the most loved earrings by women all around India.

The silver plating on these pieces ensures that they match all colours. These earrings are lightweight and are just 5 cm and 2.8 cm in length and width respectively.

These brass earrings go with all outfits and instantly catch the attention of onlookers.

Every girl deserves to have a jhumki in her jewellery collection and we assure you that this Myntra seller is the right choice for you and will have everyone gushing over the style of your earrings!


You can wear these earrings to any Indian function. Alternatively, you can also pair them with a crisp white top, black jeggings and pair of black sandals. You can also wear a bracelet along with it to complete the ensemble.


Gold Plated Green and Red Kundan Studded-Beaded Handcrafted Jewellery Set

Kundan Necklace Set By GloBox By ZeroKaata: A Myntra Exclusive Brand

Ooze out Glamour!

The above-shown jewellery set consists of a magnificent necklace and a pair of alluring earrings. The centrepiece in the multi-stranded necklace has an intricate design.

The silver enamelled, Kundan studded necklace has pearl drops in the centre along with a red ruby which adds to the glory of the necklace.

The red and green beads help in creating a splendid look for the necklace. Along with the necklace, one can also see a pair of matching drop earrings with a similar pearl-shaped design.

The earrings are 7 cm in length, 3 cm in width and weight around 132 g. Both the necklace and earring are made of brass and have artificial beads, pearls and Kundan stones in them.


If you are someone for whom the wedding season just never gets over, given the big extended family that you have, then you have to buy this exquisite jewellery set.

Our suggestion for you is to wear this jewellery set with a golden Kanjeevaram saree with your head in a neat bun to complete your look.

For achieving a unique style, you can also add Ambada jewellery or Gajra to your bun and a Nath on your nose. This will ensure that you are a trendsetter for the night and will make everyone go ga-ga over your looks.

Gold Plated Embellished Handcrafted Jewellery Set

Kundan Necklace Set By GloBox By ZeroKaata: A Myntra Exclusive Brand

The jewellery pieces that are as unique as your personality!

The above-shown jewellery set consists of a striking necklace and a pair of spectacular earrings.

The centrepiece in the multi-stranded necklace has an intricate design.

This multi-stranded necklace is gold plated and has black beads which give it a sharp look. The centerpiece in this necklace has a meenakari design and is square-shaped.

Along with the necklace, there is a pair of matching earrings with similar details and design.

One thing that stuck with us about this set is the skilful Kundan and pearl droplet-like work that is done to add to the beauty.

The earrings are just 3 cm in length and 2.2 cm in width, yet we’d say not to go by their size, they are in all sense eye-catching.


This quirky jewellery set is perfect if you want to experiment with your style.

You can wear this necklace for major family ceremonies or religious occasions.

Wear a white or cream shade saree along with this jewellery set for a contrasting effect. This will make the jewellery stand out and will ensure everyone’s gaze falls on the jewellery.

You can add to this royal look by adding a black and gold kadha and statement rings.

A quick tip on the makeup, along with a proper base, go for heavily kohled eyes and red lipstick.

This will complement your attire and make you shine like the ultimate diva.

Nothing speaks as loud as your jewellery and so, you just have to get your hands on these pieces of jewellery that only sell with Myntra.

STOCK UP RIGHT NOW and share the box you liked the most in the comments below.

Happy Styling!


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