Get Set For Upcoming Jewellery Fairs In 2019


Have you been trying too hard to catch up on the missed events and making attempts at keeping a closer watch on where the next event will happen for you can’t risk missing out your favorite jewellery designers and pieces.

Well to assure you beforehand and to equip you with all the necessary information about the same we bring to you a list of all the upcoming events around the globe orchestrated by the different organizers.

Read further and don’t forget to attend these as per your feasibilities and interests.

So mark your dates well in time.

63rd Bangkok Jewellery Fair (20-24 February)

Known for its highly gifted natural resources and expertise in cutting, design, and exquisite craftsmanship they will be presenting forth as customary their best artworks in the four-day workshop.

The Royal Thai government aims at taking their jewels segment’s position to a new high with this showcase of some amazing jewellery pieces.

Hong Kong International Diamond Gem and Pearl Show (26 February- 2 March)

Pulling out the greatest potential of their jewellery industry on floors with this well-planned event initiating towards the end of February they will bring to you the eclectic jewellery pieces and the gorgeous gems for catering the different tastes.

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Istanbul Jewellery Show March (21-24 March)

Fine jewellery, diamonds, gems, watches, packaging all under one roof.

The show will have a wide bandwidth of the ornaments which will entail some of the chic and novel designs.

The event will kick start on the 21st march with all the pomp and grandeur.

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Basel World (21-26 March)

Set in the snow land, this jewellery event will be one of its kind. Covering all the archaic as well as the emerging trends of jewellery – the event will exhibit the most sought after high couture jewellery pieces.

The event will be happening in Switzerland with the whole jewellery industry at one stop.

Oroarezzo Show (6-9 April)

Amongst the largest events of the jewellery fraternity that is witnessed. The show involves all the gem and bead societies from around the globe who bring to your plates all that is desired.

It will start in the first week of April and will assure a blissful experience.

China International Gold (19-22 April)

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It is the most comprehensive jewellery show of the world which features high-quality gems and jewels along with the advanced technologies.

With multitudes of jewellers and industrialists attending this show stands on a higher scale each year.

Planning on visiting any of the shows listed, do share with us in the comment sections.


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