Best Gold Chains To Pair With Your Outfit

Best Gold Chains To Pair With Your Outfit

Gold chains and accessories never go out of style.

They are always in fashion, and it blends well with most outfits in the modern times. These style staples also come in several types, it’s always a different take, taste, and fits different personalities and fashion senses.

This article will show different gold chains that pair well with different styles and combinations, and we’ll also break down reasons why they are an excellent accessory and a must-have to all men.

Know Your Gold Chain

Gold chains have many sizes, colors, and applications that would suit a specific outfit and personality. See the things you have to consider before choosing the best chains for men.

Color and Durability

Gold chains do not just come in bright yellow. And they come in black, green, rose, and white as the common colors. Although, color may change as designs and creative chains come in place over time. Common yellow chains create an eye-catching detail in your outfit, and whites can enhance gray-shaded suits, while black and darker variations of chains promote masculinity.

Also, a  gold chain’s durability lies in its gold content. Lower Karat chains are more durable since they have more metal in them than gold. On the other hand, high karat chains like 16k or 18k are more authentic and expensive, perfect for people who wanted to have an eye-catching presence.

Length and Thickness

A critical factor in how a chain would look in your outfit is its length. Common sizes come from 14 to 30 inches. For a subtle and casual approach,  14-20 inch chains sit right by to the neck for most men, and this can be work inside and outside of your shirts for a subtle but detailed approach.

 The same can be said for 24-inch chains. They are the common lengths that fall between your shirt’s first and second buttons and are best suited for an everyday look. Additionally, the 24 inch chains and above are long enough to have pendants or tags on them, good for statement shirts and layering with other chains.

There are different types for the thickness, but to make it simple, thin chains go for subtlety and blending in, while thick chains spell eye-candy and show off a statement.

Real Gold Chains

Elevate your appearance with an authentic gold accessory. The color works well with any outfit that fits well with any occasion. Plain whites or blacks are the best pairs with gold chains. In the winter season,  trench coats with a darker shade come off as well-rounded and balanced. Overall,  gold chains and casual outfits pair well without overdoing the details.

Chunky Gold Chains

A modern take on a traditional chain type. Chunky gold chains are a timeless classic that suits up well to people with chill personalities. These chains pair well with printed shirts, loose clothes, and generally anything that spells comfortable and laid back.

Mix and match different styles and experiment on them to create an aesthetic that would never run out of style.

Slim Gold Chains

Slim gold chains are accessories fit for all. You would never go wrong with slim gold chains, given that you’re choosing the right combinations and not pulling your overall getup apart.

Slim gold chains provide a subtle feel but detailed necklace. You can start pairing it with a polo shirt, knitwear, or even heavy threads like trench coats. Make sure that this chain fits well to your collarbones for the perfect appearance. Do consider that slim gold chains are delicate and artistic to a higher level.

A casual or simple getup would combine with the chain’s sleekness and have a timeless fashion experience for everyday wear.

Pendant Chain Necklaces

Pendant chain necklaces are those on the thicker and longer side of chain accessories. Usually, inches 20 to 30 inches long, they can show off expensive pendants, jewelry pieces, and tags.

The pendant chain removes subtlety and embraces extravagance and luxury. Becoming an eye-candy and main detail while blending well with your overall outfit. Pendant chains are numerous in design and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about being limited in your design choices.

White Gold Necklaces

White chains offer a different side of personality and feel apart from the usual yellow. They are a timeless classic that pairs well for everyday use. Best paired with plain tees, parkas, or sweaters. White chains can be layered and combined with different necklaces for personality and pendants to amplify the complete detail.

For a subtle taste, white chains can be worn alone. Make sure it fits your collarbones well,  wear plain tees and neutral-colored jackets for a subtle yet exquisite look.


Chains are a part of our modern and progressive fashion sense. There is always something to pair with an outfit that reflects one’s personality and style with all the variations and colors.


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