6 Ways you can keep your Artificial Jewellery all new and lustrous


Taking good care of your artificial jewellery is as important as investing in good quality fashion jewellery and to help you with it, we have curated a list of 6 ways you can keep your artificial jewellery all new and lustrous.

Let’s get started!

Keep your Jewellery away from water and chemicals:

Never ever wear artificial Jewellery while doing dishes/laundry. It may ruin the color and shine of your jewellery.

Also, never ever wear your artificial jewellery at a spa or in a pool because chlorinated water can react with the metal thereby causing the jewellery to change color.

Put your jewellery away from lotions, perfumes, skincare/makeup products. You should always apply these products before wearing your fashion Jewellery.

Remove your jewellery before you wash your face or take a bath. It will increase the life of your jewellery and will maintain its lustre as well.

Cleaning the Jewellery:

Artificial Jewellery gets easily tarnished due to the constant exposure to the environment.

Did you know that even your body sweat can damage your artificial jewellery? Keeping its beauty intact can be a hard job. But with these quick and easy jewellery cleaning tricks, you can keep your artificial jewellery all new and shining.

The usual jewellery cleaners are too harsh for artificial jewellery. Therefore, use baby shampoo to clean your jewellery. Soak your artificial jewellery in a solution of baby shampoo and lukewarm water.

Keep it soaked for few minutes, scrub it gently with your hands or a toothbrush, rinse and pat dry.

Do not use this method to clean the jewellery containing semi-precious stones as it may damage the stones.

Your jewellery should be the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off:

Put your jewellery after you are done with your clothing, hair and makeup. This will prevent your jewellery from getting tangled with your clothes as well as from getting damaged by your makeup and hair products.

Similarly, take off your jewellery before changing the clothes and washing your face.

These little extra efforts will make sure that your jewellery stays lustrous for a longer period of time.

Remove your Jewellery during rough activities:

Always remove your jewellery while doing activities such as laundry, cooking, or gardening. If you’re a sportsperson, make sure that you do not carry your jewellery to the sports ground, otherwise, you might lose it or get it broken.

Store your artificial jewellery carefully:

Keep your baubles secure by storing them in separate jewellery boxes/containers. This will prevent your jewellery pieces from getting tangled.

Here are storing tricks:

artificial jewellery

Image Source: Pinterest

Store your Jewellery in a silk or velvet pouch and put these pouches in a shoe box.

You can also use an empty toilet roll paper. Wrap your bracelets around the roll.

To store your earrings, use a pill container. This way, you won’t lose your earrings.

You can also use drinking straws to store your fashion necklaces. This trick works best for the chain necklaces. Insert half of the necklace inside the straw and you’re good to go.

Necklace inside the straw
Image Source: travel fashion girl

Make use of polishing cream:

In case your jewellery has lost its shine and lustre, you can either use a cloth dipped in warm water to wipe it clean or you can use jewellery polishing cream available in the market as well. It will fix your jewellery’s fading shine. You can even go for an artificial jewellery solution that is meant to clean your jewellery. Such solutions are easily available in the market.

These were some of the tricks and tips that will help you to keep your artificial jewellery safe and protected.

Which methods do you use to take care of your jewellery?


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