5 Ideas To Make Your First Date A Success

5 Ideas To Make Your First Date A Success

Dating can be an intimidating and stressful journey, but it is also fun and exciting to meet new people and to form new relationships. Of course, a first date is important to make the right impression and to learn about the person you are on a date with, but some things can help to make your first date a success.

Choose An Activity To Try

When sitting with someone new in a quiet situation, it can be tense or uncomfortable, but having an activity to complete that is interactive and fun, the tension can ease quickly, and there will be an easy flow of conversation. Sports, games, and even an arcade can provide a way to interact without feeling that conversation is forced, while things like a book reading or signing, movie, or similar can allow for a distraction and provide topics for conversation for the rest of the night without searching for things to discuss.

Avoid One-Sided Conversation

It can be easy to fall into a pattern of talking about yourself or asking several questions in a row. By avoiding a one-sided conversation about one person and instead of creating a back and forth conversation that includes both sharing and asking about the other person, you can each learn about the other. These conversations can set the tone for further conversations and dates and help to determine if there is an attraction or a good fit. So light up some Palm Beach Collection scented candles, and belly up to the table, and indulge in some intellectual conversation, you might be surprised where it gets you!

Use Humour To Break Tension & Build Connection

Laughter is a joyful reaction and can help to both ease tension and increase the connection between people. By using humor, you can display another part of your personality, discover if you have a similar sense of humor, and find similar things funny. This may not be a determining factor, but it will both add to the fun that you each have, show yourself as a well-rounded person who can be both funny and serious, and by getting the other person to laugh, you will create positive feelings that are attached to spending time with you.

Compliment Your Date

While several compliments that are not genuine can cause someone to feel uncomfortable and not want to spend more time with you, a few sincere compliments will make them feel seen and appreciated. For example, a compliment about their personality, laugh, or behavior that you like about them will show that you pay attention to who they are and enjoy time with them.

Ask For A Second Date

By asking about a second date at the end of the first date, you will show interest in seeing them again and that you enjoyed your time together. It will also ease the apprehension that builds over the follow-up phone call or the next meeting by already knowing you both want to meet again.


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