5 Hottest Picks From 9 To 5 Office Wear Jewellery

5 Hottest picks from 9 to 5 Office Wear Jewellery

A woman’s character is often judged by her looks and her style, especially at work and choosing the right jewellery for work is always a big dilemma.

What if it’s too flashy?

How much is too much for your office look? If you’re struggling with these questions then don’t you worry! Because we are here to help you.

To make things easier, we have picked some of the amazing jewel options for you from our amazing office wear jewellery collection.

Add a touch of corporate glam to your nine-to-five dressing with our minimalist yet classy handmade jewellery collection.

Right from Skype calls to those professional cooperate board meetings, we have got the best artificial jewellery collections to make you feel confident in every situation.

ZeroKaata, the best online jewellery store offers you the most amazing collection of office wear jewellery from a plethora of handcrafted unique designs, which will not only take you high on fashion but at the same time, would entrench a corporate feel in your style.

Here are a few pieces from our amazing and affordable artificial jewellery treasure box, which will make your colleagues go WOW! Happy Shopping fellas!

Let’s get started!

Inverted Triangle Brass Plated Designer Earrings

Inverted Triangle Brass Plated Designer Earrings

Looking for something minimal yet classy for your office look? How about these pretty earrings from our minimalist office wear jewellery collection?

Play it subtle and look every worth gorgeous in these beautiful designer earrings for women.

Handcrafted with love and finesse, these pretty western earrings are perfect to make your monochrome cooperate look pop up.

You can never go wrong with the Inverted triangle brass plated designer earrings, which are the best-sellers and absolute head turner.

Buy these now!

Geometrical Earrings

5 Hottest picks from 9 to 5 Office Wear Jewellery: geometrical earrings

Life is too short to wear boring jewellery, so get your hands on these beautiful geometrical earrings as you dress up in the formals.

The perfect way to accessorize even the simplest of outfits, these stud western earrings will add the aesthetics to your neutral formal outfit.

Pair these up with a blazer and trousers, and you’re all set to make your way with an elegant fashion statement.

Classic Golden Danglers

5 Hottest picks from 9 to 5 Office Wear Jewellery: Golden danglers

Thinking to go easy yet high-on-impact for your office look? How about complementing it with these pretty Golden earrings?

Goes perfectly with formals and semi-formals for it gives an essence of subtle vibe and exudes your professional style.

Pair it with a classic blazer or a beautiful plain saree and you’re all set to grab the attention and win hearts.

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Purple & Golden Earrings

5 Hottest picks from 9 to 5 Office Wear Jewellery: Purple and golden earrings

Subtle and charming, these hanging workwear earrings are perfect to add both grace and sparkling charm to your formal appeal.

Handcrafted with finesses, these pretty earrings are just perfect to make you look elegant with a subtle hint of femininity.

Shop these now and put an elegant fashion foot forward with our stunning office wear jewellery.

Abstract Art Nine to Wine Designer Earrings

5 Hottest picks from 9 to 5 Office Wear Jewellery: Abstract Art Nine to Wine Designer Earrings

Fall in love with these beautifully splendid abstract art 9 to 5 western earrings.

Pair them with your formal attire and let your style speak as you set those eyes on fire.

Hand-finished with love, this piece of abstract art is perfect to get you high on fashion.

Beware! You might attract more eyeballs that you are used to. Shop now and look stunningly beautiful.

These were the best office wear jewellery collection with sweet delightful discounts.

Make every workday count and look beautiful with jewellery that speaks volumes of your character and a strong and confident persona.

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Happy Shopping Fellas!


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