12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For “The Bride” & Bridesmaids

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For Modern Brides

Mehndi Ceremony forms an integral part of the wedding shenanigans. Drawingmehndi on hands has always considered being a good omen.

Indian culture holds a prominent place for mehndi where anyone can have it.

In fact, in the older times of Maharajas, men too used to get henna drawn on special occasions on their hands. The henna culture has slowly taken over the world and is amongst the most loved trends all around the globe.

The mehndi function usually takes place a day before the wedding and forms a part of the traditional solah-shringar where the bride gets henna applied to her hands and feet.

Filled with nostalgia, dholak beats and fun-filled dance performances, this function is a hit amongst youngsters and is loved by all!

If your Mehndi function is near and you and your bridesmaids are thinking of the kind of tattoo designs mehndi that you’d like to get, then allow us to take your worries away!

We have prepared a list of some awe-inspiring tattoo designs mehndi that will surely set the trends for the other weddings to come.

This list includes our favourite mehndi designs for both the brides and the bridesmaids and as a bonus, we have also included some uber-cool henna tattoo designs for the wrist that you can use in some small ceremonies or functions or even on a casual day to showcase your love for mehndi.

So, without making you wait further, let’s get onto exploring some striking mehndi designs.

List Of Gorgeous Tattoo Designs Mehndi


We understand that you want to go for a wholesome look when it comes to your tattoo mehndi designs and for your special day, you wish to have your whole arms and legs be adorned by a beautiful traditional henna design.

If you are someone who believes that nothing beats the old world charm, then the design given below will be just the right one for you! It will portray how deep-rooted Mehndi is, in the cultural past and will not compromise on the design factor either.

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 1
[Image Courtest: https://www.getyourvenue.com/]

Bespoke Simplicity! The Bride’s Dream Henna!

Want to match the mehndi design with your fiance? Have a look at this traditional mehndi design.

Customize your style and ask the mehndi artist to draw the image of the bride and groom on your hand. Make it a little more ‘wow’ and surround it with intricate patterns.

The groom can also go for the same mehndi design and further, you can add each other’s name on your palms.

This will add a fun twist to the D-day wherein both of you can try looking for each other’s name.

Some Variety in the above-design, because you deserve the world!

We have selected the bride and groom’s design as they are what the whole wedding is about!

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 2
[Image Courtest: https://in.pinterest.com/]

Even though the traditional designs are considered to be very crowded, the ones shown above are simply splendid.

We cannot stop gushing over the sheer gorgeousness of these traditional designs. There are so many patterns and intricacies involved in the design that it has us at a loss of words and we just don’t know where we should begin from!

These quirky and intricate patterns drawn with perfect symmetry have all our heart. You can also go for some peacock’s and Kalash designs in the same variation to suit your style.


The above-shown tattoo mehndi designs would require a lot of patience, so, ensure that you are ready for the time-consuming process that will take place to complete this beautiful design.


We get that you want to go for full-on customization when it comes to your wedding, you cannot and don’t want to rely on the FADs and trends and the only person you trust is yourself.

You have planned everything according to your unique style- the outfit, the jewellery and even the entry, so it is only right that you get to choose the henna design that resonates with who you are.

If you are someone who believes in setting her trends and being every bit of diva while doing so, then your dream design is waiting for you below!

It’ll be something that will surely leave everyone stunned and will fit all the parameters you had set. This design is full OTT and yet is not outrageous.

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 3
[Image Courtest: https://in.pinterest.com/]

Gotta love the 15 Bangle Mehndi Design!

If you want to go for something quirky, then this is the right design for you! Why to just leave bangles for the hands?

Move away from the mainstream with these gorgeous bangles-themed bridal mehndi designs.

Be the one who defines the ‘IT’ things in fashion town and set the unique vibe right!

This design will perfectly blend with both your mood and style.

We have selected the bangle mehndi design as they are both striking and WOW, which is exactly what the modern-day bride wishes to be!

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 4
[Image Courtest: https://beautyhealthtips.in/ and https://www.facebook.com/]

Who Sets The Trends? YOU!

The bangle henna designs are usually long and include floral and jewel designs.

They are drawn in a circular bangle-like pattern, as clearly indicated in the name.

The alternate patches which are left blank are done so to further add grace to the main bangle design. Show everyone that you’re not afraid to go completely Hatke and experiment with this marvelous henna design.

Now that we have covered the traditional and modern tattoo mehndi designs, we’ll move towards something which finds a perfect balance between the two.

In a massive pool of brides scouting for either a minimalistic bridal mehndi design or a full OTT traditional design, we are here to help you find the perfect sync and go for a contemporary design.

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 5
[Image Courtest: https://www.instagram.com/]

After all, it’s never about being noticed, it’s always about being remembered!

This gorgeous mehndi design has our hearts and we just can’t stop obsessing over it!

The embossed heart motifs give the design a refined and distinguished look from the other mehndi designs.

This classic design is made for brides who strive to get a balance between the traditional and modern styles.

The perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional to create the aww-somest contemporary tattoo mehndi design you’ve ever seen!

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 6
[Image Courtest: https://bodyartguru.com/ and https://www.wedmegood.com/]

The henna design used in the above-given images is so bold that it seems to be in 3-D.

This design seriously does have the best of both worlds, it has the elegant intricacies and patterns as seen in the traditional design and the modern swirls and twirls, that give it a unique feel.

If this is the design that you finalise, then don’t be shy about experimenting, go for floral patterns (especially lotus, they’ll look great!), the geometric curves and other styles.

Ask the henna artist for some tips and recommendations in such similar patterns.

Enjoy the elaborate work and ride the tide of royal vibes with this awe-inspiring style.


Now, for all the bridesmaids, the style should be simple, artistic and beguiling.

It shouldn’t be as heavy as that of the bride-to-be but it shouldn’t be as light as that of distant relatives.

We at Zerokaata Studio are here to make sure that as bridesmaids, you get to have the most stylish henna design.

Check out the designs we have especially shortlisted for you and get mesmerized by their unique style.

Tribal Geometry

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 7
[Image Courtest: https://gr.pinterest.com/]

Geometry at its best!

This unique design involves a simple play of geometric shapes, as we can see from the image above diamonds, triangles and lines have been used here.

This style is surely a crowd-pleaser and even though it seems simple, it easily catches the gaze of bystanders.

Combine it with a ring and nude shade nail paint with design as in the image and a striking style is ready to be shown off.

The Climbers

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 8
[Image Courtest: https://www.facebook.com/]

The highlight of this attractive design is the numerous flowers. This style is perfect if you wish to add a twist to your traditional ‘bel’.

This henna style involves multiple climber stems, different sized leaves and as mentioned before a lot of flowers.

The best part is that even though the design seems time consuming and detailed, it is very easy to make.

The Hath Phool Effect

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 9
[Image Courtest: https://www.weddingwire.in/]

Get everyone swooning!

The Jaalidaar Hath Phool henna design will look wonderful, given its neat and elegant look.

It has a fine print-like look and the details present in it make everyone go ga-ga.

This beautiful mesh design will look incredible if you have manicured nails and given its jewellery-like look, all you’d have to do is pair it with a palm or a wrist cuff to get the impeccable look.

The Bonus Part

Finally, we are onto the bonus part, here, we have covered some of our favourite henna tattoo designs for wrist.

They are perfect if you are trying mehndi for the first time or if it is for a small occasion or even for a casual day.

Scroll down to get amazed by these striking tattoo designs for wrist.

The Small Flower

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 10
[Image Courtest: https://www.thetrendspotter.net/]

These pretty designs are perfect if your girl gang wishes to get a matching group tattoo.

In our opinion, the smaller the size, the better will be the look, as can be seen in the image try this cute little flower tattoo on your inner wrist.

The Sun

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 11

This henna tattoo design is perfect if you wish to go for quirky design.

This style gives off a boho-chic vibe and is suitable if you’re wearing a floral white tee and shorts.

If you are aiming for a full hippie look, then along with the tattoo, you can also wear a headband, flip flops and shades.

Floral Patterns

12 Gorgeous Tattoo Mehndi Designs For "The Bride" & Bridesmaids 12
[Image Courtest: https://www.askideas.com/]

If you love mehndi as much as we do, then try opting for this simple flower and leaf pattern.

It looks beautiful and gives a pretty look to your hand. The best part is this design can go with your everyday outfits, unlike the full hand mehndi designs.

For a wholesome look and when the colour is still dark, we’d suggest you wear some ethnic or traditional clothes.

We hope that you were able to find a perfect henna design through this blog. Share your favourite mehndi style with us in the comments below.


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