8 Types Of Mangalsutra You Must Know About


Considered as one of the most sacred pieces of jewelry by Hindu brides, Mangalsutra is quite crucial.

The word “Mangalsutra” is marked by the union of two words, “mangal” and “sutra.”

It comes from a South Indian wedding ritual, where the groom would tie a yellow thread on the bride’s hand to protect her and the marriage.

Later on, a single strand made of black beads was tied around the bride’s neck to wand away any form of negativity. 

Over the years, while most jewelry went through a lot of changes and up-gradation, Mangalsutra did not change, until now.

As more young brides are tying the knot, their demand for fancy, sleek, and contemporary Mangalsutra has increased. 

The modern brides are mostly working women. Their job takes them to different places, and they must don different attires. In that light, wearing junky gold traditional Mangalsutra is not an option.

Thus it has become all the more necessary to come up with some sleek designs that can be carried off with ease. 

Some major Mangalsutra designs and trends have been put forth by Bollywood divas like Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, and Priyanka Chopra.

Inspired by their take on tradition and their super trendy Mangalsutra design, many women have decided to hunt for that perfect piece that can match their fashion. That is where we come in!

Through this article, we will talk about 8 different types of mangalsutra that are sure to take your breath away!


Types Of Mangalsutra

1. Solitaire Mangalsutra:

If you want to keep that hint of tradition and yet craft it in contemporary style, then Solitaire Mangalsutras are what you need.

These pieces come with the same black bead string attached to a bright solitaire piece to make your look ultra-chic and very appealing.

Celebrities like Deepika had opted for this style right after her marriage.

The best part of this piece is that it can be worn with both contemporary and traditional styles. 

8 Types Of Mangalsutra You Must Know About
[Image Courtesy: Kohinoor Mangalsutra by Sampat Jewellers]

2. Flower Mangalsutra:

Ideal for the purist at heart and a working woman, this piece highlights just what is necessary after the wedding. 

It is, in fact, one of the best types of mangalsutra.

8 Types Of Mangalsutra You Must Know About

3. Minimum Glam:

While Jaipur jewels are quite famous when it comes to Mangalsutra designs, not many like them since they are too flashy.

For such people, a minimalistic Mangalutra can be ideal. This piece also keeps a bit of tradition in the form of small black beads placed next to a small pendant, which is anything but traditional.

All in all, this Gold mangalsutra piece looks like a small, super cute pendant set and can be worn to any occasion. 

8 Types Of Mangalsutra You Must Know About

4. The Personal Touch:

You must have heard the saying that marriage is a private affair. If that be so, why not personalize your Mangalsutra? Yes! You can do that; there is no need to go with the same standard design.

In fact, many newlyweds are taking their sweet turn on tradition and coming up with something unique.

The best part of this style is that you don’t need to follow any rules! Your style inspiration can be the Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor Ahuja!

Her Mangalsutra presents the star signs of the couple, Leo and Gemini, with a solitaire in the center.

You can opt for anything under the sun! Initials of your name, a symbol of the field that you work in, the choices are just endless. 

8 Types Of Mangalsutra You Must Know About

5. Meenakari Magic:

While picking the designs of Mangalsutra from this category, check out the different options from any jewelry shop in Jaipur.

These places are loaded with exquisite Mangalsutras. As know, Meenakari is a Rajasthani design, and these pieces are ideal for those who want to keep it traditional.

Some women want to keep a bit of tradition with them all along, even if they wear bikinis and swimsuits.

Honestly, it looks charming!

The best part of Meenakari work is that they are available in vibrant colors and designs, offering a small window for personalization. So one can have quite a few options to choose from. 

8 Types Of Mangalsutra You Must Know About

6. Long Chain Mangalsutra:

If you haven’t noticed, a lot of experiments are being done with different Mangalsutra designs.

The newlyweds don’t want to keep it strictly traditional and are thus incorporating their style in the mix!

Such out-of-the-box ideas, have given birth to long-chain Mangalsutra designs. Specifically, these pieces can offer a high low chain pattern with knot details. 

8 Types Of Mangalsutra You Must Know About

7. Mangalsutra Bracelets:

Another trendy and well-experimented piece is the bracelet Mangalsutra!

This magnificent style was pitched in by the fitness guru Shilpa Shetty. Indeed this style is simply amazing, but it is also convenient.

This type of Mangalsutra kind of plays on the loopholes in the rule book and is ideal for the rebel divas!

The pieces come with a single thread of black beads adjoined with a pendant or charm pieces of choice. 

8 Types Of Mangalsutra You Must Know About

8. Gemstone Glam:

Very much like the solitaire Mangalsutra, these pieces come with a small gemstone pendant in the choice of shape you desire to have, just the right amount of bling for the beautiful you!

This type of Mangalsutra can be made lighter or heavier depending on your preference.

8 Types Of Mangalsutra You Must Know About

Mangalsutra design options are just endless!

So, pick the one that resonates with your style and personality.

Which of the above-mentioned types of contemporary and traditional mangalsutra did you like the most?

Tell us in the comments below!


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