Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Wedding Jewellery

Tips to keep in mind before buying wedding jewellery

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A wedding season is filled with shopping lists and budget calculations, so you really want to organize things in such a way that they don’t make a hole in your pocket after everything takes a glide.

So, grab a notepad and write down all the important points that need to be kept in mind this season.

The most essential thing that needs to be kept in to account while managing wedding jewellery is the wedding dress.

The wedding dress is the core point of all the shopping items you will be buying after it.

Tips To Buy Wedding Jewellery:

heavy-looking earrings

How To Buy Necklace?

1st Tip:

Firstly, shop for your dreamy bridal saree or lehenga, whatever you wish to wear on your wedding ceremony and thereafter, match the other jewelleries that you want to coordinate with the ensemble accordingly.

2nd Tip:

Secondly, be careful about the various jewelleries you will be able to find in the showroom, just make sure that there is going to be only one pair of jewellery that will just suit right for your lehenga or saree.

3rd Tip:

Thirdly, the jewellery shouldn’t be tacky or colorful, it should be concentrated on one color and must match your wedding dress.

Usually, people tend to select jewels that are not up to their lehenga or saree style, so be careful about this and don’t end up looking like a Christmas cake with blings that don’t match your haute couture.

4th Tip:

Next, the necklace that you choose, can be detachable.

The wedding pieces of jewellery tend to be heavy and people do not wear them after their wedding, so try to buy some wedding jewels that can be easily detached as per your needs.

How To Buy Earrings?

A necklace is empty without a pair of earrings. You should also buy earrings which match your outfit.

However, the earrings are something that can be worn in any traditional ceremony or any family function.

It need not be detachable, but it’s preferable if you buy lightweight earrings that appear to be heavy.

It is a good choice because earrings tend to move as and when we walk, so it creates pressure in the ear, so it’s better to wear light but heavy-looking earrings.

In addition to your wedding day ceremony, you would also have many other ceremonies to be followed before the final wedding day; hence, you don’t just one but many pieces of jewellery to go through the wedding rituals.

So, you got to be ready to match each and every piece of your jewellry with the right outfit and right day.

For instance, if you don’t like to go overboard with heavy makeup on a Haldi/Mehendi ceremony opt for floral jewellery and let them steal your sight.

How To Buy Head Jewellery?

Coming to your forehead, you wouldn’t want to keep it simple on your wedding day for sure.

So, you need to make sure about the kind of maang tikka you are going to wear.

A maang tikka should be selected according to the size of your forehead. If you wear a maang tikka that doesn’t match your outfit or, in that case, your hairstyle also counts.

If it doesn’t match either of the two, then it is going to be a dress spoiler, so also be sure of your headgear.

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