Throwback To PMI Coimbatore Show

Throwback To PMI Coimbatore Show

The never ending trail of affairs reached its new high when PMI marked its presence in Coimbatore organised by the All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC).

Masses in the down south were enthralled with the exuberant show that was orchestrated within the 3 days span from 8 – 10 January, 2019.

Succeeding the Jaipur event, PMI Coimbatore was also a great success in terms of promoting the B2B and B2C trade in the jewellery fraternity.

The show received copious amounts of praises form the different participants. GJC was additionally applauded for taking such initiatives in order to facilitate retail businesses at different dedicated platforms.

PMI has always been a luxury podium which gives its constituent members their share of space, liberty and opportunities.

The event holds closely the commitments towards providing a polished platform where the buyers and the sellers get the maximum utility out of their correspondence.

It stands as a model for evolved trade exhibition in terms of doing business and maintaining the leisure as it beats all odds and builds stronger bond with each passing edition.

PMI fills in the gaps between the needs of the distinct parties involved, it promisingly enhances the image and brand positioning of the organisations and reinforces healthy relationships between retailers.

Its purpose of curation stands fulfilled and growing since its conceptualisation.

PMI Coimbatore

The event organised in Coimbatore fairly delivered on the aspects of mutual beneficial relationships between that of a buyer and a seller and also two buyers, assisted the jewellers in gaining a magnified perspective of the industry and the environments.

The experience was memorable primarily for the two reasons, the foremost one being the scrupulous selection of the jewellers from across the country and execution is the latter one.

The chain of events goes from one location to other devoid interruptions. Carrying the ritual forward, PMI will host series of events each year with different cities as its host to keep the spirit of jewellery trade cum leisure base alive.

From Jaipur it took place in Coimbatore and next in line is Goa. Don’t forget to catch these events live for nothing beats a PMI experience.

Also stay tuned in knowing more about the events’ details.


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