Things you don’t know about Handcrafted Jewellery

Things you don’t know about Handcrafted Jewellery

Ever wondered about the artisans curating a piece of jewelry by investing their time, efforts and energy that all go in vain until they produce stellar pieces which are often sold at mediocre prices due to online competition and intermediaries who make money instead of sharing profits with the craftsmen?

Such is the apathy of artisans who ceaselessly indulge in the sustainability and authenticity of stones thereby crafting with precision and finesse jeweller that is worth cherishing for years to come.

Here are a few things that machine-made jewelry will never be able to replace the sheer goodness of hand crafted ones, and these are the quintessential elements that should be taken care of while on a shopping spree.

Handcrafted Jewellery Can Never Replace:

Artisans Invest their Precious Time, Efforts and Energy

It’s not just the bare minimum needs of artists to curate and finish the product with finesse, but it requires their much-coveted skills to put into use while they are crafting the traditional jewelry.

Their valuable time, efforts and energy is spent in curating, designing and assembling the jewellery which is often sold at prices that are peanuts.

The prices do not justify the consistent efforts made by the hardworking craftsmen globally.

Sustainability of Raw Materials

Artisans are extremely peculiar at choosing the right raw materials to curate their finely crafted jewellery with dollop of grace and slice of elegance.

They pour their hearts out and go for the sustainable and high quality raw materials to procure the best for the consumers.

However, till the product reaches the market, its original cost falls down drastically and is even sold at a price which is not legit or reasonable enough to justify the organic element of raw materials.

The Maker’s Process

Have you ever seen an engineer working passionately to craft his first-ever automobile machinery? Or the writer at a CCD who seamlessly weaves tales through words that fall into the plot so perfectly?

Such is the relationship of an artist with his muse- jewellery, as he crafts every piece with love.

The intimate relationship must not be ignore, and should be paid heed as you justify the price tag.

High Quality Produce

The advantage of small scale industrial manufacturing is that the artists produce the jewelry or any other craft with high precision and intricate details are never ignored or missed.

The products go through screenings and quality control to ensure the assessment of each and every piece.

Artists are quite sharp observers and invest their dedicated efforts to curate jewelry that is not only unique but also durable.



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