The Initiation Of A New Beginning

The Initiation Of A New Beginning

To begin something new is not just to initiate in a different direction. It is to start a revolution, to start from experience and make it big, and the initiation of any positive change starts with self-care.

What is self-care, one might think, is it taking care of yourself? Pampering yourself or letting go of your fears and taking risks that make you feel good?

Well, to begin with, the meaning of self-care depends from person to person, it can mean a day at a spa to someone or saying no to an uncomfortable situation and being okay with it to another.

Self-care is accepting your flaws and still loving yourself unconditionally. It is putting yourself first and knowing that you matter too.

New Beginning – a campaign started by Zerokaata (an online jewellery store) which revolves around self-care and love, is all set to embark upon this journey with gusto.

This campaign isn’t just a campaign, it is infused with a lot of love and inspiration from our Zerokaata familia. We have put a lot of effort into recognising the thing that really hits us home and what is better than loving and taking care of yourself, a concept so familiar yet so foreign.

So, What Is This Campaign All About?

The main idea of this campaign is about fighting against the norms of our society which have managed to capture our creativity and devoid it of any growth.

We are talking about the stereotypes that have stunted the mental growth of every person who we know including ourselves.

It has managed to create a superficial or rather ‘ideal’ picture in our minds and if something isn’t according to that particular ‘picture’, our whole existence outcasts it.

Our worth is not defined by the people around us, but the vast universe that is inside us.

As of today,  there are so many people working towards this idea and so we as a brand have conceptualized jewellery as a means of self-acceptance.

How is this possible?

Well, just think of it this way :

Jewellery, as we all are aware of, is an accessory, just like makeup, perfumes, bags and even hair is nothing but an accessory.

Now, imagine that instead of our clothes, it’s our naked body which we are adorning with jewellery, seems a little out of line, right? Definitely not normal.

This is exactly how stereotypes rather the society have captured our minds and toyed with it,  whenever we or someone else has an idea which is new and unconventional, our first thought is ‘ this is absurd’, ‘so weird’, ‘what is she trying to prove’, ‘that’s such a stupid idea’ and the likes.

This is exactly why we have conceptualized this idea.

Jewellery as an accessory to not just our attire but to our body, our souls, ourselves.

Enough is enough, it’s time we recognize our worth, we accept ourselves and let the sky really be the limit this time.


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