7 Runway Ready Jewelry Pieces That Won’t Break Your Bank

Top Runway Ready Jewelry Pieces That Won’t Break Your Bank

When we think of runway fashion, the high price tag that comes with it is always included in the picture. Jewelry enthusiasts all know the feeling too well when they find a gorgeous, unique piece of jewelry that would cost an arm and a leg. After all, beauty can be expensive.

But that doesn’t mean that it should.

With a little bit of research and finding your trusted jewelry seller, you too can look runway ready without breaking your bank.

Here are some of the best jewelry styles that look fresh off the runway but have accessible price points:

1. Stacked Gartered Bracelets

Gartered bracelets are having their much-needed comeback from the early 20s. The versatility of this bracelet is unparalleled because honestly, who doesn’t want a piece of jewelry that looks good and feels good?

The design for this type of wholesale fashion jewelry piece is basically endless. You can get a beaded one for the added pop of colors to your outfit like what the jewelry designers usually do.

Sometimes, not everything that you see on the runway is bespoke to the model. The clothes sure, but the jewelry is usually the stock pieces if that particular designer isn’t releasing a new jewelry line. So they resort to these types of gartered jewelry pieces that would still style amazing and depending on the design, won’t even look like it’s not made of solid metal.

2. Gold-Tone Textured Hoop Earrings

7 Runway Ready Jewelry Pieces That Won’t Break Your Bank

If by this year you still don’t have a pair of trusty hoop earrings, then you are definitely missing out on so many things.

From the classic all-metal style, hoop earrings finally progressed to embracing different textures and designs. Braided or twisted hoop earrings are seen practically on every major runway and it’s a well-produced design that you won’t have any difficulty in finding the right part for your budget.

If you want a more subtle look for your hoop earrings, then you can opt for a textured design. Textured cracks, shells, and other patterns work great for subtly elevating your look. A crowd favorite is the kintsugi-inspired designs where gold is painted over cracks, highlighting the impurities of the jewelry.

3. Glass-Blown Abstract Earrings

For the days that you need to bring the drama, wide-span earrings that are bigger than the actual size of your ears would fit the brief.

Designers love using extra large earrings as a form of exaggeration in design and styles. A particular favorite for the runways is a pair of glass-blown abstract earrings that gives off a heavyset impression without being strenuous to the wearer.

Earrings of this design can be challenging to find but they are definitely worth the hassle. It easily looks way more expensive than it actually is —a true epitome of beauty on a budget.

4. Alien Spikes Necklace

7 Runway Ready Jewelry Pieces That Won’t Break Your Bank

If you truly want to look like someone fresh out of fashion week, then you have to embrace the bold side of the runway.

This silver spikes choker necklace looks right out of an alien movie. It will definitely earn you some second looks as this is the complete opposite of subtle. The drama and uniqueness this piece brings are not an everyday look for the fainthearted but we know it’s worth it.

Style this piece with dark and heavy fabrics for an edgy style or take advantage of the punk rock contrast by wearing a cute, feminine dress.

5. All-Silver Jewelry

These past few years were the golden age of jewelry when almost every piece that you see on boutique stands is in multiple variations of shades of gold.

But the fashion runways are now slowly taking a break from this trend and embracing all-silver jewelry looks. Silver jewelry pieces are incredibly flattering on anyone, regardless of skin color. For those who have lighter skin colors, silver jewelry beautifully accentuates your skin and adds a glimmer to your overall look no matter the design of the actual jewelry.

For those who have darker skin colors, silver jewelry provides an elegant contrast that would highlight your features as well as the design of the jewelry. This will even work better if you’re wearing dark or skin tone clothing which makes the silver color of the jewelry pop out.

6. Dangling Pearl and Ceramic Earrings

7 Runway Ready Jewelry Pieces That Won’t Break Your Bank

Pearls will always look elegant and timeless no matter what you wear. That is why many fashion designers love pearl jewelry because it truly uplifts your whole outfit to another level.

The good thing is that pearl jewelry nowadays is becoming more and more affordable to many. It’s not the way it used to be where pearls are limited only to those who can shell out quite some money for jewelry.

That’s because the jewelry industry is now appreciative of pearls regardless of their shapes and shades. It also became the ultimate accessory of the accessories. Take this pair of dangling pearl and ceramic earrings for example. The combination of these two materials makes the fashion earrings look and feel more exquisite and expensive than it actually is.

7. Any Architectural Jewelry

The best way to have jewelry that looks runway worthy without having to break your bank is to opt for pieces that have architectural elements on them.

Designs that look carefully planned and skillfully made will always look more polished and expensive compared to jewelry pieces with costly stones thrown haphazardly toward them. Plus, architectural jewelry has a way to elevate simple designs and this is the real strength behind this style.

Fashion designers exactly know the power of wearing striking architectural jewelry on the runways. If this is something that you can master, then you’ll never have to resort to buying different jewelry designs just to fit whatever style you’re trying to accomplish.

Being runway ready is not about wearing thousand-dollar clothing and jewelry. It’s not about chasing the trends and showing up with the latest drops of the current season. But being runway ready is about being confident with your styling without compromising yourself!


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