Perfect Jewellery Styles For Bridesmaids


Wedding season is on and with that comes the excitement and choices drama of what to wear and when.

Being a girl isn’t easy anyway and to top it all…it adds on to the stress when you have to decide what Indian wear to carry on different functions in an Indian wedding and the matching jewellery to go with it.

But worry no more girls! We are here to sort your life on this front…

So, your sister/ bestie is getting married and as a bridesmaid, you’ve been bestowed with the added responsibility of helping and supporting the bride at all times.

One of your bridal duties is ensuring you look the part. Here are different options of jewelry styles for bridesmaids that you can choose to flaunt on various functions and not overdo it at all.

Jewellery Styles For Bridesmaids

Chandbali to the rescue

 Jewellery Styles For Bridesmaids
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Time and again this jewellery trinket has proven its worth with a lot of ladies and how! It is so versatile that it can be worn with any Indian attire and at any function without being too over the top.


Perfect Jewellery Styles For Bridesmaids 1
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Style your sharara suit or garara with this headpiece and just a statement ring, and you will gather compliments for sure!

Choker as Bridesmaid Jewellery

Perfect Jewellery Styles For Bridesmaids 2
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The 90s trend of choker necklace is still ruling the fashion circle. If you are still new to the trend, then also a choker set with light earrings for the wedding function with a saree or a suit is truly a safe bet.

Maangtika and Earrings

Perfect Jewellery Styles For Bridesmaids 3
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Generally, maid of honor (which is commonly the sister or the best friend of the bride) is allowed to be dressed a tad bit overtly (but definitely not more than the bride).

So if that’s the case, then you can safely choose a chain maangtika and dangler earrings to complement your lehenga or saree that you wish to wear at the wedding.

So, ladies, I hope that you have taken cues for choosing the right type of jewellery styles for bridesmaids for the next wedding you attend as a bridesmaid.

Make sure not to surpass the bride in terms of jewellery though. The rest all is good!

Wink wink.


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