PAU students convert Agricultural waste into Jewellery

PAU students convert Agricultural waste into Jewellery

PAU students convert Agricultural waste into Jewellery

Stubble burning is one of the major causes of environmental pollution. It not only causes smog and health issues like Asthma, difficulty in breathing but also causes major problems like degrading the quality of the soil by killing natural nutrients and bacteria that help rejuvenate the soil.

As the experts from across the country came together at Kisan Mela, held in Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana to deal with the issue, a team of 6 students from the College of Home Science, PAU came up with a plan to manage the agricultural waste in the best possible ways.

How did they do it?

They converted the agricultural waste into jewellery, decorative household items and other products like plant keepers.

PAU students convert Agricultural waste into Jewellery

The students showcased their talent as they displayed a wide range of eco-friendly products made from wheat stubble. The stall was the centre of attraction at the mela.

The products which were prepared from the stubble included biodegradable jewellery made with beads and embroidery, decorative household items like wall hangings, plant keepers, baskets, maps, and ropes. Plant keepers made of wheat stubble are beneficial as they will provide moisture. These products are eco-friendly and cost much less as compared to the regular non-biodegradable products.

How did the students get this idea?

Dr Kiranjot Sidhu, head of the department of extension education and communication management explained that the project was undertaken by 6 students after a field visit to Doraha villages where farmers had expressed their inability to manage agricultural waste.

What was the motive behind this invention?

The idea of converting stubble had two motives.

The main motive behind this initiative was to encourage rural women to engage in the management of paddy stubble.

Dr Kiranjot Sidhu said “The entire crop residue management has seen the involvement of machinery operated by male farmers. We have initiated this project to engage female members of the family who can make these products and promote biodegradable jewellery and decorative items”.

The second motive was to encourage the people to use biodegradable and environment-friendly products.

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