7 Celeb-Inspired Men’s Hairstyles For Short Hair

7 Celeb-Inspired Men's Hairstyles For Short Hair

Summers are here!

We get that you want to go for some men’s hairstyles for short hair that looks cool and is easy to manage.

Well to get you on the right path, we have prepared the list of men’s hairstyle short hair editions covered for you.

This blog will cover some of the trending men’s hairstyle short hair and will give you the perfect look to match your personality and your style.

Before we take you on the path of mens hairstyle for short hair blog, let’s first figure out why one should even go for these short hairstyles-

  1. The easy maintenance
  2. Manageable even if you sweat a lot!
  3. For the instant fresh look
  4. The options and variety are just too many with men’s hairstyles short hair which makes them apt for any occasion or situation
  5. Matching your outfit and for the young charm

Well, now that we’ve got you covered with basics, without further wait, let’s get started on the men’s hairstyle short hair edition:

Celeb-Inspired Men’s Hairstyles For Short Hair:

The Slick Back Men’s Hairstyles Short Hair

7 Celeb-Inspired Men's Hairstyles For Short Hair 1
[Image Courtesy: https://www.fashionbeans.com/]

Probably the most popular men’s hairstyle short hairdo, given its association with David Beckham and Leonardo Di Caprio, your barber has to mess bad to get this look wrong.

This is because, given its neat and easy look, it is comparatively much easier to make than the other men’s hairstyle for short hair.

The style is still going strong and if you’re someone looking to attain a classy look, well you needn’t look any further because you have arrived at your one-stop-shop!

This mens hairstyle for short hair is associated with all the modern men who wish to represent sophistication and class with their hairstyles.


Make sure that your hair does not look too greasy in this one, so ease out on that gel bottle and you’re good to go!


There are many ways you can go about for styling your slick back hair, however, for this blog we’ll suggest the top two easy ways you can go for styling this hairstyle:


Shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly, apply a little gel and work it through evenly. 

Remember to take the gel as per your hair length, you don’t want your hair to look too glossy. Now, with your fingers or a fine-toothed comb, push your hair backwards. Apply a little hair spray and let your hair dry naturally.


Another reason to go easy on the gel is that too much of it with wet hair might irritate your scalp and make you uncomfortable for the rest of the night!


This is the perfect alternative if you want to go for less shiny hair as compared to the previous one.

All you have to do is repeat the instructions given above with just a slight change. Blow-dry your hair before applying the gel or well, if you feel your hair have a natural shine, then well, don’t apply the gel.

Though don’t forget to apply the hairspray, you cannot miss out on this, otherwise, your hair won’t stay in place!

The Side Swept French Crop and Buzzed Sides

7 Celeb-Inspired Men's Hairstyles For Short Hair 2
[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/]

Who says the perfect mens hairstyle for short hair doesn’t exist?

Popularly known as the Peaky Blinders Hairstyle, this is a rage in the men’s hairstyle short category.

This mens hairstyle for short hair makes for a classy style and has the most perfect undercuts.

The series peaky blinders which are set 100 years from present in the 1920s showcases what a popular hairstyle it was, and with the love showered on the series, this awesome men’s hairstyle short hair has made a notable presence in the modern era as well.


The pandemic has spoiled your plan, the never-ending lockdown although will be lifted soon, however, you don’t see any way to lift your spirits.

Well, if you’re looking for something to cheer you up, we have a good alternative for you.

We are sure that by now many of your friends have given a shot to becoming a barber, they’ve all tried to do the haircut themselves, some have fared here and some have failed.

Now, to ensure that you don’t just do fair and rather pass with flying colours, we have an awesome guide for you to do this mens hairstyle for short hair yourself!


Create a buzz look for your sides, you can use a clipper guard for this. Adjust the length as per your desire.

However, make sure that there’s some contrast between the top hair and the sides.

Afterward, create a layered look on the top. Lastly, for a stylish look, leave at least two inches of hair on the front side and style your fringe as per your wish.

The steps will get you a basic idea but we get it cannot beat the old seeing and doing and so we have listed a superb video tutorial that you can follow to get this category of men’s hairstyles short hair look right!

The link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCl_1vzGwBo


Start with basic shampoo and conditioning, dry your hair with a towel and apply around 6 pumps of hairsprays.

Use a blow dryer next, add a bit of gel/wax to get the shiny look with a matte finish.

For the last step, sweep your hair to the right side while maintaining a messy and disheveled look for the rest of your hair.

PS: This mens hairstyle for short hair will help you to garner tons of compliments.

Men’s Hairstyle Short – The Buzz Haircut

7 Celeb-Inspired Men's Hairstyles For Short Hair 3
[Image Courtesy: https://www.men’shairstylesnow.com/]

Going for the buzz haircut is probably the most simple way to get a clean look.

This ultimate mens hairstyle for short hair is extremely easy to maintain, all you’ve got to do here is wash-and-go, yes it’s as easy as that.

However, before you take the plunge and get down to trying out this hairstyle, we have some news that you might want to know before you set out on the path to try this men’s hairstyle for short hair.

In early times, buzz haircuts involved men shaving off all their hair.

Yes! The almost bald look was the buzz haircut, however, with time their meaning has changed and if you want to ensure you get it right, consider the factors such as- your face shape and the buzz style that’ll suit you the best.


Ask a professional or at least get someone’s opinion whose style you trust. This is because you cannot see the back of your head and so it’s better to take in some opinions!

Celebrities have often gone short on the hair and have tried this mens hairstyle for short hair.

It can provide both a sharp bad boy look as well as a classy and sophisticated look.

We have listed some of our favourite celebrities below who have tried out the buzz haircut.

Scroll down further to know more!

Induction Buzz Cut

7 Celeb-Inspired Men's Hairstyles For Short Hair 4
[Image Courtesy: https://www.men’shealth.com/]

David Beckham can be seen in the Induction buzz cut in the image shown above.

This mens hairstyle for short hair was used on recruits in the military. It is not the same as the traditional ‘going bald’ buzz cut, however, it does involve having little hair of the same length all over your head.

Taper Buzz Cut

7 Celeb-Inspired Men's Hairstyles For Short Hair 5
[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/]

Zac Efron was spotted in the Taper buzz haircut, which is one of the most popular and common versions of the buzz haircut.

The taper buzz haircut is the go-to mens hairstyle for short hair if you are someone who’s prepping up for a formal event or ceremony.

It involves having shorter hair around the sideburns as well as the neckline and slightly longer hair on your head.

Jarhead Buzz Cut

7 Celeb-Inspired Men's Hairstyles For Short Hair 6
[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/]

Going for a little edgy and smooth look? Try this Tom Hardy Jarhead buzz hairstyle.

This traditional marine mens hairstyle for short hair has near to zero hair around the sides and has one guard on the top.

The change in length is very minimal, making it hardly noticeable and yet it gives a subtle angle to your head which makes it appear less rounded than what is there in a traditional buzz haircut.

If you want to go for a little more edgy factor, then go for a little zig-zag line at the top of the back as seen in the picture.

High And Tight Buzz Cut

7 Celeb-Inspired Men's Hairstyles For Short Hair 7
[Image Courtesy: https://regalgentleman.com/]

Achieve Ryan Reynolds suave and stylish look with the High and Tight Buzz Cut. Often known as the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool haircut, this hairstyle can be used if you’re opting for a skin fade or a tapered look.

The fade here will go higher on your head, usually to your temples. More hair is kept on the top and the hair on the side is kept close.

This mens hairstyle for short hair gives an illusion of hair length in the centre. even on short, buzzed hair.

We hope the above list was exhaustive and helped you find the haircut you were looking for.

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