13 Unique Mehandi Jewellery Designs That Every Bride-To-Be Must Check Out

13 Unique Mehandi Jewellery Designs That Every Bride-To-Be Must Check Out

Voguish mehandi jewellery for wedding functions is the latest craze in town! 

Mehandi jewellery designs have evolved from simple marigold and rose petals, to more exquisite and intricate pieces crafted carefully from exclusive flowers.

Every bride-to-be wants to adore herself with beautiful and unique mehndi jewellery designs to match with her wedding attires to look appealing and gorgeous!

After all, Mehndi and Haldi ceremonies are very important occasions for any bride-to-be.

As the henna is applied on the bride’s hand, arm, and feet to bring fortune to her married life, it marks the commencement of a woman’s journey to becoming a responsible married woman.

Hence, this function holds a special place in our hearts!

Bollywood Mehandi Jewellery Designs

Be it #nickyanka wedding, #ambaniwedding, #virushkawedding, or #deepveerwedding, last 2 years have been crazy (in a good way, of course) when it comes to celeb-weddings.

We saw so many Bollywood couples getting hitched and wearing outstanding outfits for wedding celebrations.

But, one common thing that we spotted on all Bollywood brides was the floral mehandi jewellery designs.

So, ditch the traditional bridal jewellery that has been going through the ages and wear floral jewellery for your wedding celebrations.

But how to ensure that the floral jewellery you will wear is dissimilar to any other bride?

Well, we just found the newest type of mehandi floral jewellery selling like hot cupcakes and trust us it’s gorgeous!

From floral kaleere to chokers and from an earring to a ring, bookmark these floral mehandi jewellery designs! 

Happily wear them on your Mehandi functions and thank us later! Winks!!!


mehandi jewellery design

Floral tiara is the latest floral jewellery mehandi design for your mehndi function.

Celebrities such as Yuvika Chaudhary and Bipasha Basu also wore a gorgeous floral tiara at their adorable Mehandi. 

In 2018, the internet was flooded with cute pictures of Yuvika Chaudhary wearing a white artificial floral tiara and we must say this trend is lasting long since then.

So, if you don’t want to wear Tikka or Passa, then give them a ditch!

Go for a fresh and refreshing look for your Mehndi!


jewellery mehndi design

Passa is selling like a hot cake these days!

Not only the bride, the sister, and BFF gang of brides can pair vibrant coloured floral Passa with any wedding outfit on all sorts of wedding occasions.  

It gives them a simple yet elegant look, the one that is bound to grab eye-balls at mehandi or Haldi functions.


mehndi jewellery design

If you are a bride who is just done with those floral jewellery pieces and is looking for something offbeat and different, you can pick Gota jewellery for your wedding functions!

‘Gota is the new floral’ these days when it comes to your jewellery options for your Haldi or mehandi. 


Well, because they are light in weight, less fragile than the floral ones, and on top of all- are a tad more quirky!

Don’t believe me? Well, scroll down to see some ah-mazing gotta mehandi jewellery designs. 

You can pick Gota earrings, Gota pearl tassels, Gota golden jhumkas, Gota choker necklace, or golden Gota jewellery with light mirror work. Stunning! If you ask us.


mehandi jewellery design online

It is the most gorgeous and cutest floral accessory any girl must have on her mehndi day.

It not only makes you look beautiful but also elevates the picture quality and gives innumerable poses options.

These are worn on the backside of your palms, making your hands look delicate and graceful.

They are like flower rings-meet-beaded bracelets kind of designs, which are quite colourful and innovative.

HaathPhool is a part of runway right now, with many models and actresses from both Bollywood and Hollywood adorning them in various patterns and designs!


We know we made you excited about this. Have a look at different patterns of HaathPhool we spotted on real brides! Do let us know in the comments which one you liked the most.


floral anklets design

This is now a new-age trend.

Many brides are picking up statement anklets as it helps to elevate the beauty of leg mehndi shots!

Anklets and Payal have always been an integral part of our Indian culture and customs.

A new and recent variation in this is an artificial or fresh floral anklet which when worn, adorns your gorgeous feet, beautifully! 

They are generally custom-made and can be weaved with innumerable beads, flowers, stones, just to oomph up your look!

Floral mehandi jewellery designs for the bride should include these cute anklets. You can pick up from the best designs and give your feet a charming look on your special mehandi day.


jewellery mehndi design

Floral kalire have taken the wedding industry and the internet by storm.

They have taken the wedding vogue one level up.

We have also spotted many pretty brides-to-be wearing floral kalire on their big day.

You can opt for soft colours either to match with your wedding attire or choose a contrasting one to add style and swag to your gorgeous look!


jewellery design for mehandi

Trendy long floral necklaces are made out of both artificial and fresh flowers.

Beaded with stones, pearls, and flowers, such necklaces have a longer string length and can be adorned with solid coloured, single outfits.

If the blouse of your lehenga has a high neckline, or if you want to keep it simple, yet elegant, this is a perfect mehandi jewellery designs for you!

Floral necklaces are available online at various stores with vibrant colours, patterns and lengths.


maang tikka for mehandi

The crucial Indian hair jewellery, Maang tikka, just got a new and fresh makeover!

Fresh floral Maang tikkas are in trend right now because of their exquisite style, patterns, and overall look.

They compliment a piece of jewellery is certainly a current favorite and loved by all brides-to-be! Maang Tikkas are perfect for all wedding functions either for a bride or her bridesmaids!


baaju bandh for mehandi

Indian ornament patterns like BaajuBandh, when worn, make you feel like some mythical maiden, and when they are made with flower petals, it’s like sonepesuhaaga! No??

Floral baajubandh looks exquisite and stylish, giving your mien the much-needed quirkiness.

You can wear these artificial or fresh floral Baajubandhs with sleeveless or short-sleeved blouses to make your arms look gorgeous and charming!

Fresh floral Baajubandhs are also selling like hot cakes in the wedding industry and are perfect for occasions of shorter durations like mehndi ceremony or Haldi ceremony.

Team up some dark colouredBaajubandhs with your pastel light-coloured outfit to create a contrasting yet interesting look!


kamar patta for mehandi

When Tollywood actress, Tamannah Bhatia worn fresh floral KamarPatta in the movie Baahubali, it almost broke the internet for its precise detailing and gorgeous colour combinations.

Indian waistbands or Kamarpattas add the oomph factor in an outfit, making your waist look sizzling and sexy, in a subtle way.

Fresh floral Kamarpattas are perfect for Indian baby showers and Haldi ceremonies whereas artificial floral Kamarpattas can be worn In Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies.


SAATHLAAD HAAR for mehandi

Traditionally, Saathlaadhaar belonging to Indian origin would have 465 pearls beaded with gold, silver, and diamonds.

But over time, Indian women chose for lighter and budget-friendly jewellery. so, the latest addition in floral ornament trend is the classic SaathLaadHaar, but with a floral style twist!

You can also choose Saathlaadhaar design with pearls and artificial flowers.


hair accessories for mehandi

Much-in-demand hair brooches, flower strings are the type of floral hair accessories that are hot and trending right now!

This wedding season ditches your traditional Maang Tikka for an elegant and beautiful hair accessory for a simple yet modern look.


floral dupattas for mehandi

Not exactly a floral mehndi jewellery design, this flower accessory is every bride’s dream- yes, a beautiful and fresh floral dupatta!

Pair your gorgeous lehenga with a fragrant fresh floral Dupatta to elevate your beauty at Haldi or Mehndi celebration.

The quintessential “phoolonkichaadar” has also got a fresh makeover and modern twist with new and unique patterns.

Whether you are entering into a new phase of your life or attending weddings, you can be as radiant, fresh, colourful and vibrant as flowers, by adorning these floral mehndi jewellery designs. 

This lockdown summer is all about masks, sanitizers, handmade jewellery, and floral power!

Which one did you love the most?

Tell us in the comments below!


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