Meghan Markle’s Astonishing Engagement Ring Decoded

Meghan Markle’s astonishing Engagement Ring Decoded

When the royal couple hit the news breaking millions of hearts by coming together, all eyes were glued to the gorgeous Meghan Markle wearing a white wraparound dress with a stunning pair of Birk’s Opal ear studs.

What caught the attention was the immaculately crafted three stone engagement ring.

On several encounters and tete-a-tete conversation with Harry by the media, he revealed his love for all things precious and perfect.

We sure are fangirling over the 3-carat diamond ring sitting on the center boasting of its flamboyant upbringing in the largest diamond mines in the world- Botswana in Africa.

Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring:

Meghan Markle’s astonishing Engagement Ring Decoded

Prince Harry further tells the sources that the ring is a reflection of their ancestral epitome.

As the beaming couple flashed on TV screens with breaking news that split people into uber happiness, Meghan clutched her hands onto Harry and flushing with joy.

The two met through a mutual connection and Harry reminisced of a beautiful evening in Botswana where the two camped a few months back.

Meghan joined Harry for the sojourn where they grew close to each other and one fine evening, while the turkey was in the oven and stars, gleamed bright, Harry went down on his knees with his breath-taking dreamy ring and proposed to his love Meghan.

She said a big yes and their love was crystallized in an alluring rock.

The side diamonds are carved from Harry’s mother jewellery closet in order to make her a part of their crazy journey, quoted by Harry himself.

With the trend for the trilogy or three-stone diamond ring around the corner, we’re sure these rings will be the new trendsetter in engagement rings.

Meghan Markle’s astonishing Engagement Ring Decoded

New-age couples are high on fashion experimentation and are going beyond the usual.

Three stone or trilogy engagement rings are edgy, feminine, and exude the classic appeal.

You can also look out for exotic colors like violet, rose, blush pink, yellow tint to set the eyes.

Ditch the regular sparkling diamonds and look out for precious semi-stones like sapphire, opal, onyx, emeralds, etc. just how the eccentric celebrities do it.


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