Make Way For Open Cuff Necklace Trend


Fashion keeps changing and this is something that has been a constant, year after years we come across so many trends…some we like and some we hate, but there are some that we just cannot miss!

One of those trends is the open cuff necklace trend that has taken the fashion world by the storm.

We share some amazing photos of this style of necklace and we will tell you more about it. Read on-

Open Cuff Necklace Trend

necklace trend

[Image Courtesy- Pinterest]

The Open cuff necklace is the sophisticated version of the choker/ cuff necklace as they call it.

Chokers still tend to rule but fashion-forward girls are accepting this open front necklace as well.

Make Way For Open Cuff Necklace Trend 1

[Image Courtesy- Stylebistro]

The versatility of this necklace is that it can be worn with both Indian and western outfits.

These necklaces make a chic statement with any outfit.

Make Way For Open Cuff Necklace Trend 2

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