Jewellery designer Razia Kunj introduces Festive Collection

Jewellery designer Razia Kunj introduces Festive Collection

Jewellery designer Razia Kunj introduces Festive Collection

Razia Kunj, a jewellery designer based out of Mumbai is all set to make your festive look even more charismatic with her newest edition of festival jewellery.

She has recently introduced all-new festive jewellery collection which features everything from finished wood baubles to paint based jewels. The festive range of handmade wooden earrings, wooden bangles, wooden necklaces etc starts at 2100 INR. It features a plethora of beautiful designs that includes pendant, bracelets, earrings, brooches and long neck pieces.

Jewellery designer Razia Kunj introduces Festive Collection

Talking about her all-new festive collection, the jewellery designer Razia says, “My pieces are embodiments of spirituality and love for culture. Indian festivals are part of our being and we imbibe so much from its glory. My festive collections have inspirations from figurines of Kali, Durga, Krishna and monks of ancient times”.


About Razia Kunj

 Jewellery designer Razia Kunj introduces Festive Collection


Razia Kunj is an artist and a jewellery designer. She graduated in Applied Arts from Sophiya College, Bombay. She has worked as an art director in numerous advertising agencies in Mumbai. Razia is deeply influenced by the art and architecture of India.

She does not believe in mass manufacturing. So, each jewellery line has limited pieces. Every piece in her collection has been designed by her, hand painted and crafted by her team of artists. Razia aims to take art from the walls of galleries and temples, from the pages of Indian folklore, from dance forms and tribal art, from forgotten nook and crannies of rural India and hand it to a woman as a form of adornment.


Where can you find the beautiful jewels designed by Razia Kunj?

To check out Razia’s collection all you need to do is visit her website where you’ll find collections for both men and women. The website features 7 jewellery collections: Moksha, Temple, Theyyam, Jharoka, Deviyan, Shekhawati and Vignette.


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