How To Style Your Red Dress For Valentines Day


As 14th February is getting closer, the excitement seems to build around the special occasion it stands for.

Yes, we are talking about the day of love- Valentines Day!

Whether you are a new couple or have been into a relationship for many years, we are sure you look forward to spending some romantic moments with your significant half.

If you have planned date or a day out for Valentine’s day, there is an unsaid red dress for Valentine’s day code for girls – RED 🙂 (unless you wish to opt for a different color).

So if you have selected your red dress for the day, we tell you how you can actually style it up and make a lasting impact on your loved one.  

Red Dress For Valentines Day

Chunky Trinkets

Red Dress For Valentines Day

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If you are minimalist who doesn’t like to load yourself with heavy jewellery, then you have it girl!

Go ahead with some chunky trinkets and your killer red dress and let your man be stunned.

Hoop And Loop

How To Style Your Red Dress For Valentines Day 1

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Did you know red is a universal color that goes well with both silver and gold jewellery?

So whatever is your pick in metal, just throw in hoop earrings with your dress, and you are set!

Shine Like A Diamond

How To Style Your Red Dress For Valentines Day 2

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Make a queen like entry before him by flaunting a red floor-length gown with some sparkly diamond earrings/danglers. Keep the makeup bold and lip red.

Make A Statement

How To Style Your Red Dress For Valentines Day 3

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Red dress. Check. One statement piece (either a bracelet, neckpiece, or earrings) Check. Red Lipper. Check. That’s it… go gorgeous!

Miss Goody Shoes

How To Style Your Red Dress For Valentines Day 4

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So you thought you could only style your dress with jewellery? NO. Shoes play a major part as well.

If you are not a fan of jewellery, the worry not…simple slip on some quirky shoes with your red dress and we guarantee you’ll make a mark.

So ladies, now that you have the tricks r4eady, just glam up for your date and tell us in the comments below which trick you picked?


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