Give Your Loved Ones A Gift Of Their Life – A Custom Handmade Portrait

Give Your Loved Ones A Gift Of Their Life - A Custom Handmade Portrait

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”  Mother Teresa quoted.

Giving a gift is a way to admire the loved ones of your life. 

You can go choose expensive items or you can settle with something as simple as chocolates.

But have you ever thought of a gift that is both pleasing to the eyes and will have a lasting impression?

A Custom Handmade Portrait is a doorway to the heart. It is a gift that can capture the emotions of a person in just one look.

The reason why portraits are better is that it exposes the tones, personality, and mood of a person vibrantly.

Something that the camera can never do.

This is why I often advise that handmade paintings are the best gift you can give to someone you truly love.

The Modern Art

Give Your Loved Ones A Gift Of Their Life - A Custom Handmade Portrait

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Painting of Portraits or “Portraiture” is a 5,000 years old practice dating back to Egyptian time.

Before the invention of photography, a portrait was the only way to record the appearance of someone.

To draw a portrait, the person had to sit for hours in the same position (and for multiple days), while the artist painted the portrait.

Oftentimes, the process would take a few days before the artist could complete painting the portrait.

But today, this is not the case.

Time has changed and the whole process of painting a portrait has become fast. 

Now, you don’t have to ache your body in front of the artist for hours.

You just have to send your photos to a custom painting service and their artists will turn your photos into paintings.

And the whole process is super easy and fast.

The Qualities Of A Custom Handmade Portrait

Give Your Loved Ones A Gift Of Their Life - A Custom Handmade Portrait

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Art has the ability to lift up the mood and create serenity in your house.

Hanging such handmade portraits on the wall will not just look good, but it will have immense effects on the members.

  • A portrait will give aesthetic beauty to the house. Whether the house is old, or newly furnished, a portrait will keep the look fresh.
  • It can change the vibes of a room. Hanging beautiful portraits of your loved one will always keep the tone joyful.
  • Portraits heal you spiritually. The portrait hanging on the wall creates a divine atmosphere that fills the onlookers with peace.
  • It might sound untrue, but portraits heal the mind and improve mental health. Looking at the texture of portraits can ease anxiety. Also if you’re feeling lonely, looking at the portrait of your loved one will help,
  • Apart from its therapeutic benefits, getting a portrait is a great investment. It will lift the quality of your home decor for years to come.
  • Having handmade portraits at home is considered a sign of wealth and royalty. So having them in your house will give a classy feeling.
  • Also, a portrait just doesn’t add beauty to your decor; it shows the power, importance, virtue, beauty, and qualities of the person portrayed in it.

Custom Handmade Portraits As A Gift

Give Your Loved Ones A Gift Of Their Life - A Custom Handmade Portrait

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You know that giving gifts is a gesture that strengthens the bond between family and friends.

A picture speaks of thousand words and there can be nothing better than gifting a custom handmade portrait to your dear one.

  • A custom handmade portrait will deepen your relationship with your loved ones. There are ups and downs in every relationship and a portrait is a sure way to save the day.
  • A handmade portrait will add aesthetic beauty to your loved one’s house. The guests will definitely praise them.
  • Looking at the old photos on the phone can be nostalgic, but turning them into a painting is the only way to relive the old memories.
  • The handmade portrait will depict the quality of the photo so beautifully that your dear ones will love to see the portrait every day.
  • A cheerful portrait will maintain good vibes in the life of your loved one. Even if they are going through hard times, looking at the portrait will fill them with joy.
  • You can also ask the artist to merge different photos into one painting. In that way, many people can be put into a family portrait. Your loved ones will be surprised when they see such a painting.
  • They are inexpensive and long-lasting. Unlike regular gifts,  a custom handmade painting is light on the pocket and will last a lifetime.

Perks Of Ordering A Custom Handmade Portrait

Give Your Loved Ones A Gift Of Their Life - A Custom Handmade Portrait

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The experience of buying and giving gifts should be pleasant.

And yet, you can face a number of obstacles.

Be it the non-availability of a product, or delivery restriction, or the product may sometimes incur hidden charges.

But thankfully, you won’t face such problems while ordering a custom handmade painting.

Fully Online

It’s an online world baby!

The whole process of getting a custom handmade portrait can be done online without any hassle.

Even the person not acquainted with the online era can order a custom handmade painting with ease.

Worldwide Delivery

Just at the comfort of your home, you can get a custom handmade delivered to your loved one anywhere in the world.

And that too for free.

Easy Process

All you have to do is send the custom painting service your photos, and customize your order.

The painting, packaging, and delivering the portrait to your dear one’s doorstep will be managed by the company.

Pocket-Friendly Gift

You must have thought that a custom handmade painting will cost you a fortune, isn’t it?

Not at all.

Getting a custom handmade painting is inexpensive as compared to other gifts like jewelry, mobile phones, gadgets.

With just the price of less than an iPhone, you can get a custom handmade painting that will last forever.

Made By Professional Artists

A custom portrait is 100% handmade by a professional artist.

Painting a realistic portrait from a photo is not a child’s play. It takes years of dedication and practice to master the art.

The artist at custom painting services are experts in their field and will deliver a realistic Portrait (and that too in time).

A gift, whether small or big, is a kind gesture to show affection.

But a Custom Handmade Portrait is definitely a gift of life for anyone.

It will nourish your bond with loved ones and the whole process of turning photos into paintings is convenient.


  1. I want to join your team as an artist. Currently I am a student of Banaras Hindu University pursuing bachelor degree in fine arts, specialised in black and white portrait.


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