Feast on Fabulous Jewelry this Festive Season

Feast on Fabulous Jewelry this Festive Season
Feast on Fabulous Jewelry this Festive Season


Soak in the gorgeousness of fashion jewelry which is here to take your breath away. This festive season, look no less than a million dollar diva in Zero Kaata’s exclusive collections and specially curated Super Saver collection to offer you a fat 50% off on their statement, elegant, silver sterling, semi-precious stone fashion jewelry. Get your hands on the lovey-dovey pieces and coordinate them with your swirling ethnic ensembles to steal the show.

Let’s take a look at some of our best-seller fashion jewelry which is available at hefty discounts:

Holostar Earrings (50% off)

Play fun and flirty with this golden brass mesh circular earrings with intricate detailing that symbolizes sri yantra composed figure. This statement jewel is symbolic of the positivity and exudes an elegant vibe. Pair the Holostar drops with your festive ethnic wear and gorge on the beauty of minimalism. Let the pure thoughts and positive aura envelop you with all the love, compassion and warmth.

Royal Palanquin Danglers (50% Off)

Royal Palanquin Danglers
Captivate your infectious energy with none other than the silver sterling shining bright Royal Palanquin Danglers to steal the glorious soiree. Festivities are all about dolling up, so adorn your pretty elf with these danglers. A quirky bend of traditional and modern fashion jewelry representing the bittersweet melodies of the past. So, play the bygones and wear these sweet little drops.

Vintage Season Necklace (50% Off)

Vintage Season Necklace
Celebrities are strutting the B-Town wearing this elegant and showstopper necklace like a pro and are you still wondering if it’s worth it? Layer this stunning piece with your graceful bohemian dress or go indo-fusion with Long Skirt and crop top or opt for a contemporary slit kurta and pair sleek cigarette pants underneath, This necklace will amp up your look instantly. Get the cocktail festive look right and steal the spotlight!

Elephant Charm Guitar Pick Earrings (50% off)

Sway in the happiness bustle of joy mood this festive season with the colourful Elephant charm Guitar Pick earrings to steal away the hearts of men. This pure blissful piece will compliment your plain simple authentic Indian attires and uplift the festive mood. So, set the ambience and immerse in the beauty of art and ethnicity.



Aqua Drop Pendant Chain (50%Off)

Delve deep into the tranquillity and azure seas of calm with this absolutely stunning and mesmerizing Aqua Drop Pendant Chain that will beat the blues. Let the air of music and dance envelop you as you don this scintillating piece with your statement LBD and get ready for a cocktail festive night. Get your hand son this lust-worthy piece before it’s too late!


Stylish Labrodite Bracelet Cuffs (50% Off)

Bring along the festive air with the stylish Labrodite Bracelet cuffs in a glamourous visual appeal. This treat is worth waring and gifting too. Look no further than this amazing Baroque best-seller if you are a lover of all things eccentric and classy. This fancy accessory will lift you fashion quotient by leaps and bounds, we bet.



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