Look Classy With ZeroKaata’s Spiral Brass Bracelet

Look classy with ZeroKaata's Spiral Brass Bracelet

Baroque presents its glorious collection with an exotic mix of brass and stones to appeal to the niche and sartorial women.

The peculiar detailing with a blend of graceful finishing and sparkling hues of stones give us all the reasons to dip into the surreal charm of this beautiful collection.

Featuring a plethora of bracelets, earrings, rings, cuffs, chokers and pendant chains, Baroque reminisces us of the age-old transition of the jewelry making where each piece was crafted with finesse.

Call it pure art!

We’re in love with the details, and one such piece that has craved our attention and stole the limelight is the Elegant Rose Quartz Aqua Chalcedony Spiral Brass Bracelet.

Spiral Brass Bracelet

Look classy with ZeroKaata's Spiral Brass Bracelet

This Brass Bracelet requires artisans days and nights to complete with sheer hard-work and precision.

Here’s How It Is Made:

The mixture of brass is laid off and it is tossed and turned in the furnace at a specified temperature to mould the metal into a particular shape.

Then, it is further exposed to regular heating and carving so as to achieve the aesthetic designed by the in-house jewelry designers.

The stones are then immaculately embellished on the bracelet and the piece is delicately worn by women all-over to up their graceful game.

About Gemstones

Rose Quartz is a feminine crystal stone that symbolizes of nurturing with care and love.

Cradled with compassion this stone carries a soft feminine energy that helps in promoting tenderness, softness, healing and comfort.

The Aqua Chalcedony is a name of a rare stone that is popular worldwide and women love to wear this for a spiritual and scientific reason that involves the preventing of negative energy.

The stone absorbs all the negative vibes and exudes only the positive ones to instil peace, tranquillity and calmness in the wearer.


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