Did You Know This About Topaz?

Topaz feature

Gemstones have interesting dimensions regardless of their type. They grab balls with their enigma and Topaz gemstone never falls short on that. Before purchasing one should be aware of certain facts and to know the same read further.

Captivating and incredible with its wide plethora of colours, topaz has an exceptionally vivid existence. Blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, red and purple, it comes in almost all colours one could imagine. Interestingly the name topaz traces its origin from the Sanskrit word tapas which represents fire. Evocative as it sounds; its charm is even more irresistible.

The perceptions around the topaz varied across borders. The ancient Greeks staunchly stood by the proposition that Topaz was a source of strength to them. Renaissance Europeans believed it could dispel anger and thwart magic spells. In India, topaz was a direct assurance to the masses of longevity of their lives along with beauty and intelligence.

Colours Of Topaz Gemstone

The most fascinating aspect with regards to topaz is its fine variety of colours. The colours are produced with the different mechanisms or the chemical formulations. Chromium results in pink, red and violet to purple colours. The yellow, brown and blue occurrences are due to the imperfections at the atomic level in the crystal structure in Topaz. Furthermore, there are colourless topazes which are often treated to change its colour to blue as finding a blue coloured topaz is a rare concept. The Imperial topaz is the trade name for pinkish orange to orange red topaz and they are known to be highly prized.

Yellow Topaz
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The blue topaz is known to be free of inclusions on the other hand topaz in unusual colours like pink, red and purple may have inclusions visible to the unaided eye. Rarity plays a major role in determining the value of the topaz and not on clarity.


The most important source for gem quality topaz is in Mina Gerais a state in Brazil. Other sources for topaz include Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria and the United States.


Blue Topazes available in the market are a result of irradiation followed by heating sometimes. Colourless topazes coated with thin metallic film that gives it a colourful appearance are known as Mystic Topaz. Topazes like the yellow ones can be transformed to pink gems with the process of heating.

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Your informed choices of gemstone better helps in surfacing a balanced look. Look closely while making your picks with regards to its value and other aspects.

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