A Sneak Peek At Our New Sterling Silver Jewellery collection

silver sneek peak

Wondering what to buy for your summer jewellery collection revamp? Well, how about something eloquent and shiny? Yes, Ladies, we are talking about Sterling Silver jewellery. Glam as it gets, sterling silver jewellery is wrapped with shine and look absolutely stunning. Perfect for day or night, sterling silver jewellery is really comfy and durable as well.

Zerokaata, your best online jewellery store brings to you the latest designer collection of handcrafted jewellery blings, etched in sterling silver. Along the silver lines, find your silver glamour and look all classy and dreamy.

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Heart of a Life Pendant:

Heart of a Life Pendant

Handcrafted into a subtle look, this pretty pendant necklace is just about perfect to compliment your every casual and fancy attire alike. Handpicked from our sterling silver jewellery collection, this fashion necklace will make you look elegant and will add that required hint of subtle sophistication to your otherwise regular look. Shop now for 930 INR and flaunt your style as you step in our beautifully crafted heart of a life pendant fashion necklace.

Cherry on top silver earrings:

Cherry on top silver earrings

Slip into a classy ensemble and pair it with these perfectly curated cherry on top silver earrings and tadaa! you’re all set to spark your evenings with a touch of subtle style. And oh! Don’t forget to paint that perfect pout of yours in a nude color. These silver western earrings from our sterling silver jewellery collection are perfect to start those quirky conversations for you. Shop these for just 1920 INR and slay like a classy and elegant Diva!

Exquisite Edelweiss Silver Jewellery Pendant Necklace:

Exquisite Edelweiss Silver Jewellery Pendant Necklace

Who doesn’t want to exude an effortless charm? Our exquisite edelweiss pendant fashion necklace is perfect to get you high on classy fashion vibes. Daydream about killing it in your next soiree with our comfiest and elegant pendant necklace from our sterling silver jewellery collection. Setting off a glamorous tone couldn’t be easier. You can buy this necklace for just 1440 INR. Shop now and sign up to get an additional 15% off.

She’s like a star Stud earrings:

She’s like a star Stud earrings

Set in sterling silver, these stud earrings are curated perfectly with love and finesse. Once you step out in these pretty earrings, you’re going to make those jaws drop. Afterall, the party prep is incomplete without striking a classy diva look. Shop now and Escape into the world of elegance with our best collection of sterling silver jewellery and adorn an envy-inducing look. Available for just 1296 INR, these earrings are definitely a must-have in your jewellery collection.

4 Sides of a triangle loops earrings:

4 Sides of a triangle loops earrings

Give your styling a dose of “look good” vibes with these pretty handcrafted 4 sides of a triangle loop earrings from our sterling silver jewellery collection. Wrapped in shine, these earrings are just about perfect to be adorned with your regular chic look. Get your hands on these earrings, perfect to make your normal day look spectacular. Shop now for just 1100 INR.

These were some of our latest designs from sterling silver jewellery collection. Shop these impeccably designed pieces of silver jewellery and make an ever-lasting impression.

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