90s Jewelry Trends make a Major Comeback

90s Jewelry Trends make a Major Comeback

Remember when you were making a big laugh at all those quirky and gothic fashion trends making a wave in the rebellious 90’s? well, take a moment of silence.

Because 90s jewellery trends are back and surprisingly, we’re in love with everything from chokers to hoop earrings, layered necklaces, stone pendants.

90s Jewelry Trends :

Take a walk down the memory lane and whiff nostalgia in the air, check out some incredible jewelry trends that are back and we’re totally crushing them!

Choker Game On

90's jewelry trends 2020
The much-talked about trend of the season and undoubtedly the most fancied piece of jewelry in our closet is choker.

Styled with slip dresses, halters, deep necks blouses to lift that punk look and lend a rock star appeal to a basic dressing.

From metallic to thread, velvet and lace, DIY concept has garnered much attention and made it a must-have accessory for every funky college girl.

Hoop Loop

jewelry trends

[Source: https://www.happinessboutique.com]

One of the favourite trends back in the 90’s in Bollywood, actresses were often spotted adorning huge hoops with panache.

From basic sterling to embellished hoops with pearls and studs, printed hoops of varying sizes, this was an absolute hit back then.

No wonder a few things always remain a classic just like these hoops. So, when are you planning to get your hands on ?

Gemstone Affair

Gemstone Affair
[Source: https://www.happinessboutique.com]

Remember Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or related movie series? Well, then you’re no alien to this eccentric accessory that boomed in the 90’s and equally embraced by celebrities today.

A black choker layered with a gemstone pendant instantly adds a boho vibe to your look.

You can pair this quirky accessory with rompers, off shoulder dresses, billowy blouses, flowy dresses and all things bohemian. Now, you get the flow?

Layer Me Electric

Layer Me Electric
[Source: https://image.gala.de/]

If you love playing those rock and roll tracks on weekends and hustling over the errands in your regular athleisure or just about a casual chic attire.

Layer your necklaces to create a hippy grunge look and let them roll their eyes as you strut by because you can love it, hate it but definitely can’t ignore it.

One of the most sought after trend we witnessed during Coachella festival, layer necklaces are certainly here to stay.

So, ladies, these were a few of the trending styles inspired by 90s. Which of these jewellery styles is your favorite? 

Tell us in the comments below!


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