7 Gorgeous Maang Tikka Hairstyles For Your Wedding Look

7 Gorgeous Maang Tikka Hairstyles For Your Wedding Look

The much-awaited Wedding Day is close and you are looking for different styles for the gazillion functions you have! The stress is building up and you are confused about what to do.

Well, let’s get on the tasks to do, one after the other! We are here to help you out and if you are a bride-to-be, then we would firstly like to assure you that you have come to just the right page!


We get that your special days are ones that you will cherish for a lifetime and with all the eyes on you, you want to shine out and leave the onlookers with starry eyes.

All aspects are equally important, and to give you a good start, in this blog we’ll be covering the maang tikka hairstyles.

If you are planning your Mehndi Day, then trust us, a hairstyle with maang tikka is what you should totally opt for!

The maang tikka hairstyle gives a simplistic and majestic look and helps you shine like the radiant beauty that you are.

Depending on the kind of Mehndi outfit you have envisioned for the ceremony, you can choose from a range of maang tikka hairstyles to match your ensemble.

Now without further ado, we’d like you to scroll down below to get your hands on the specially curated list of some pretty Mehndi ceremony hairstyles.

Browse through the list and go for the hairstyle which leaves you awe-inspired!

The list below will show you everything from the classic bun to an open hairdo and will ensure that your maang tikka hairstyle is the talk of the town.  


Maang Tikka Hairstyles

White Flowers and an Elaborate Bun

maang tikka hairstyle
[Image Courtesy: https://weddingz.in/]

Be your own kind of Beautiful!

If you are planning on an elaborate maang tikka hairstyle for your Mehndi ceremony, then this hairstyle should surely be there in your consideration list.

There is a twist in this pretty bun, where the front two parts of the hair strands have been twisted and puffed in a side parting and the back portion is also puffed and white flowers have been added to it.

This hairstyle will work like wonders if you club it with a lehenga or a saree. We’d suggest you go for a bright coloured outfit to create a contrast with the flowers.

The Simple Open Hairdo

maang tikka hairstyles
[Image Courtesy: https://weddingz.in/]

Give them the old Razzle-Dazzle!

If maang tikka is the only accessory that you are planning on adorning in your hair, then the above-shown style is made for you!

The hair here has been straightened and towards the end, they have been rolled in outward curls.

The chunni here is used to add to the maang tikka hairstyle and has been worn on the head, a little towards the back.

You too can do this with the help of bobby pins. As can be seen from the image, the maang tikka is the USP of this hairstyle and clubbing it with some matching jewellery is helping in completing the ensemble.

Our suggestion is to go for some light shaded, preferably white, pink or cream-shaded outfit and for the jewellery, go for some matching green emeralds or blue sapphires and you’re good to go!

Multiple Strings Of Flowers

maang tika hairstyle
[Image Courtesy: https://weddingz.in/]

Because we know you carry your own sparkle!

The new trend these days that has captured our heart, is the multiple strings of flowers hairstyle. This hairstyle is a total head turner and ensures that you stay in the WOW element.

As shown in the above picture, the front portion is made in a flat puff and the hair has been let loose in curls and multiple flowers have been added to give it a picturesque look.

The puff has the big strand of flowers to keep it in place and similar small white and red flowers have been added to the curls for a complete look.

A simple maang tikka has also been added in the front, in the middle of the puff to add softness to the face.

This hairdo is for all the to-be-brides who wish to go big on flowers with their elegant hairdo.

The only tip we have is that you should just let your hair loose and wear as many strings of flowers as you want, to achieve a fairytale princess look!

Half-Tied Braided Hairstyle

maang tikka hairstyle for bridal
[Image Courtesy: https://www.shaadisaga.com/]

For the Exquisite beauties!

Another popular fad amongst the to-be-brides these days is wearing a half-tie hairstyle. This half-tie hairstyle with maang tikka is both classy and versatile.

This hairdo is perfect for achieving a simple yet glamorous look on your Mehndi ceremony and from what we’ve heard this uber-chic hairstyle is what brides are religiously swearing by.

The above-shown hairstyle has a double crown-braided front part which has been brought together in a half-tie hairstyle. The hair is decorated with white and red flowers and a big flower maang tikka is used to complete the look.

You can also double up their bridal charm by using roses and baby breaths in your half-tie hairstyles, or you can also experiment with braids to get the magical look right.

French Braid Hairstyle

french maang tikka haistyle
[Image Courtesy: https://weddingz.in]

Because you make your own beautiful.

Brides-to-be are going cray-cray over this stunning hairdo and we are sure so would you! If you wish to keep your Mehendi Ceremony hairdo simple and classy, then there’s nothing better than putting it in a classic french braid.

Take cues from the image shown above, tie your hair in a loose french braid, add a pretty Kundan Matha Patti or maang tikka to it and lastly club it with some small accessories on the braid.

We are sure this will get you the cute bride-sy look that you were wishing for. One simple way to get the loose braid look is to tie them simply in a french braid and afterwards pull on the strands lightly to get the effortless look.

We’d suggest you wear a simple yellow suit for the Mehendi ceremony along with this maang tikka hairstyle, this will help you get the mom’s favourite typical mehndi ceremony look.

The radiant yellow colour will ensure that both your maang tikka hairstyle and maang tikka are the glam factor in your ensemble and will make you glow like you should on a special day!

Sleek Hair, Gajra and Maang Tikka

maang tikka
[Image Courtesy: https://www.wedmegood.com/]

Remain a classic in a world that blindly follows trends!

This maang tikka hairstyle brings out the old world charm and looks incredibly fashionable.

If you are someone who wishes to go the traditional way for her Mehndi ceremony, then you have to give this style a shot!

Possibly the easiest and most beautiful way to up your elegance game, this hairstyle will bring out your maang tikka like no other, our suggestion is to go for the big-sized maang tikka hairstyle for the gorgeous effect.

In this hairstyle, all you have to do is pull your hair in a centre parting and make a bun towards the end.

Side Braid and Voluminous Curls

hairstyles for maang tikka
[Image Courtesy: https://www.pinterest.co.kr/]

Love is in the ‘HAIR’!

We get that your mood varies depending on your hair or to be specific, your curls and for this very reason, we have reserved our favourite maang tikka hairstyle for the very last. This hairstyle is like no other, at least not for us!

You love keeping your hair open for parties, functions and festivals, well, so do we! However, the only issue that keeps recurring here is that our hair hides our pretty earrings! Well, to put your worries to rest for good, the side braided hairstyle will solve all these problems easily.

For this hairstyle, all you have to do is decide which side of your face you like more (Don’t lie to yourself and us, we all have that one side which looks more photogenic than the other!).

After you’ve selected the side that you’d like to be more visible, put some hair aside and twist them into a fish or a french braid. If you find it difficult to braid, then you can also go for the easy twists and knots.

You have to keep on twisting or braiding until you reach your neck base. After this, pull all the remaining hair to the other side and set them in voluminous curls. AND YOU ARE DONE!

Before we end this blog, we have a PRO TIP for you, if you have a long oval face, then trust us nothing will compliment your hair more than the side braid and curls hairstyle.

We have listed our favourite trending Indian Mehndi Ceremony hairstyles to make you search a little easier! Share which one of these Mehndi Ceremony maang tikka hairstyles inspired you the most?


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