6 Best (And Trending) Hairstyles For Gowns

6 Best (And Trending) Hairstyles For Gowns

Weddings require a lot of effort and come with a lot of stress. The heavy make-up and jewellery, the designer outfits, and complex hairdo take up all the time and even though the result is usually a happy bride, the process is quite tiresome.

This is where the Reception party comes in, it is the perfect stress buster designed to take your worries away and it is the last big ‘Hurray’ before you start on with your new life.

Reception mostly takes place after the main wedding function and it is the perfect party that helps you forget all the stress and just have a good time with your friends and family.

The trend picked up by brides for this awesome party is wearing a gown, it goes on with the princess vibe, makes you the centre of attention and doesn’t restrict your movement as it is in the case of the heavy Indian outfits.

One reason brides swear by these outfits is their easy-going nature and the fact that they allow them to enjoy more and put an end to all the anxieties they had for their marriage.

Dressing up for receptions can be a lot of fun, with you and your girls going all out and living in the moment.

However, one thing that you must be mindful of when wearing that gorgeous gown is the kind of hairdo that you are going to go for.

In today’s blog, we’ll help you choose the perfect hairstyle in gown.

This hairdo will make you shine with glee and will help in completing your look. We understand that choosing a hairstyle for gown can be quite tricky and so we have covered a range of hairstyles here that can be used for all- the mermaid style gowns, the tea-length gowns, the exaggerated drop gowns and many more. 

So, let’s get started with the exploration here and get you to master the modern, chic, classy, or whichever vibe you’re going for with the perfect hairstyle on gown.

The Perfect “Hairstyle With Gown”


hairstyle for gown
[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/]

This gorgeous hairstyle for girls with gown will ensure that you get the dreamy look right. If you are someone with naturally curly hair who finds it stressful to get the hairstyle in gown look right, then this hairdo is the perfect solution for you.

This straightforward hairstyle for gown requires you to braid your hair from the scalp on one side, preferably the dominant side.

If you find it difficult to braid, then just go for the twisting of hair, this will create a braid-like look.

Ensure that your braid is big and prominent and once it’s done, add a flower or an eye-catching clip. Let a few strands loose and comb your hair from the back and the pretty hairdo is all set!

Preferred Face Type- Women with oval and round face shape

Gown Type- Sweetheart Gown


hairstyles for gowns
[Image Courtesy: https://www.thetrendspotter.net]

If retro is the theme, then how can you miss out on the classy and elegant retro bun.

It is one of the easiest hairstyles to adorn while wearing a gown. It will help create a neat and sophisticated look and adding simple hair accessories will get your look to be instantly fancy.

All you have to do for this hairstyle with gown look is to comb your hair thoroughly and straighten it.

Next, do a three-way partition from behind, ensuring some hair is left on either side.

Puff your hair in top and center with the help of a puffer, and tie them in a ponytail, you can also clip the remaining hair on the side so that they don’t mix with the other strands.

Stuff the remaining hair in the ponytail and bun up the hair. Add a string or a hairband to the side (Try for a pearl string) and you are all set to walk in style.

So, what are you waiting for? Add this hairstyle for gown to your look and win hearts!

Preferred Face Type-Women with a heart-shaped face

Gown Type- Halter Neck or Morning Gown


side braid gown hairstyle
[Image Courtesy: https://www.theknot.com/]

This hairdo is perfect if you wish that your hairstyle does not outshine your gown and yet still ups the glam factor.

Suitable for women with long hair, this stunning hairstyle for gown will help you achieve the urban-chic look.

A simple long braid is unusual for gowns, however, we are here to guide you on how to make it possible and rule the hairstyle for gown look.

Firstly bring all your hair to one side and then start braiding your hair from the top.

A simple rule to remember here is that you shouldn’t take up all the hair at once, rather gently take whichever strand is coming to you, as you go down.

Once you’re done with the braid, tie it with a fancy rubber band and gently tug on the sides of the braid to expand it. You can also let a few hairs loose in the front and curl them to get a cutesy look.

Further, plan to enhance the style? Go for a fishtail or a french braid.

Preferred Face Type- Women with an Oblong face shape

Gown Type- Sheer Lace with Full Skirt Gowns


cascade braid hairstyle for gown
[Image Courtesy: https://stylesatlife.com/]

We love styling long hair, simply because of the numerous options that are available for it.

One such lovely hairstyle for gown is the cascade braid. We guarantee that this hairstyle will look charming on your gown.

If you are someone who wants to go for a minimal yet stylish look on your reception day, then look no further, because we have decoded the perfect hairstyle for you.

The cascade braid is the right mix of casual and fancy and has the superpower of upping the style factor while adding the old world charm to your hairstyle in gown look.

This traditional hairdo for gown would require you to straighten your hair first, then braid from one side of the head and take a few strands from the opposite side as you move downwards.

Ensure that the braid is not too tight and that it falls in a cascading fashion. Once the braid is made, secure it with a rubber band and comb the remaining hair. And it’s done, get ready to stun one and all with this classic look.

Preferred Face Type- Women with all face shapes

Gown Type- A-Line Gowns or Panel Gowns


simple hairstyle for gown
[Image Courtesy: https://www.bblunt.com/]

It’s your reception ceremony and so, it is a given that you have to be the talk of the town.

We have an awesome and creative hairdo that will instantly catch the gaze of onlookers.

The heart half-tie is a beautiful and creative hairstyle that will suit both the long and the medium length hair.

Now, onto the steps you have to follow to achieve this hairstyle for gown look- Take some strands from one side of the head, make sure they aren’t tight and secure them in the centre with plastic rubber bands or bobby pins.

Repeat the process for the other side of the head. Create a heart-shaped main guard in the centre and tie the ends of both strands together with a rubber band and turn the hair outwards to hide it.

This fancy look is now all set, all that is left is for you to put on the gown, make-up and jewels and strike everyone with your spectacular style.

Preferred Face Type- Women with Square, Heart or Oval face

Gown Type- Bouffant Skirt Gown or Tiered Gown


ponytail hairstyle for gown
[Image Courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/]

Nothing! And we repeat Nothing can be more eye-catching than this gorgeous hairstyle for gown. Women with medium and long hair who want to go for a neat and pretty look, your wishes have been answered.

It is one of the easiest hairstyles that you can go for and the best part it takes you back to the old fairy tales and makes you look as if you have come straight out from the Disney movies!

Pro Tip- This is the best option if you’re running late and still want to show that a lot of effort has been put.

This is because even though it looks complicated, you can create this hairstyle with gown look in mere minutes.

Pro Tip Number 2- Another pointer to note is that if you are someone who cannot sit still for an elaborate hairstyle then you should surely consider this option.

Thoroughly comb your hair to free it from tangles, Next, secure your hair loosely by bringing them to one side and tying them up in a bun. Make sure that this bun is tied a little below the usual point.

Now, pull out a small strand from this bun and fold it in a half arch-like shape.

Repeat this process to create an arch on the opposite side. Once both the arches are ready, tie up both the ends above the bun. Secure these ends in place with the help of bobby pins and you are all set to roll!

Preferred Face Type- Women with Oblong, Heart or Diamond-shaped face

Gown Type- Strapped or Strapless Halter Gowns or Sheath Body-Hugging Gown

Before we end the blog, we have a couple more suggestions and tips for you-


  • Try the gown multiple times before the Reception day and take suggestions from your mother and close friends, though don’t go  by what everyone says, your liking and how its suits your style should be a priority
  • Be patient with the hairstyles, if you’re not planning to hire a professional then practice the style you choose at least 4-5 times to get it right on the D-day.
  • Don’t be afraid of the hair accessories, experiment with them, you can go for the small-sized ones if you don’t find these too big or outrageous for you. Though these hair accessories are optional, we feel that they are a must for the pretty princess vibe.
  • Lastly, there’s no guarantee that the hairstyle will stay in place, it’s your party and it’s given that you’d like to let loose and shake a leg on your special day and so we suggest you keep some bobby pins handy, to secure the loose hair which might stray.

We hope that this blog was useful for you and that by now, you’ve set your heart on the style that you’ll go for.

We’d like to be a part of your party too and would love to know the style you opted for!

Leave them in the comments below and check out our other blogs to get inspiration for the other hairstyles, jewellery, and outfits that you can go for, for the other functions and even for the main wedding day.




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