5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Long Distance GF!


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Everyone gets in a long distance relationship at least once in their lifetime and it can be challenging because you’re unable to enjoy most of the occasions with your bea/beau, as a result of which you become impatient and long for the moments to be together.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring a smile to your beloved’s face, especially when it’s Valentine’s Day.

With less than a month left in Valentine’s day, you must be thinking of how the day can be made memorable for both you and your beloved one or maybe how you can be together for at least this one time!

Don’t worry as we have some pretty amazing solutions for you. Check for these alternatives to diminish the miles between the both of you!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

Travel and surprise

Nothing but a romantic morning could do away with the blues you have been facing. Surprise her as soon as she wakes from her sleep with a ring on her door and jewellery in your hand. She would feel the luckiest!

Send her a package of love

You can plan to send your love packed in a box with your handpicked ornaments from our collection with some handwritten personalized notes to make her feel special and also ask her to unwrap it on face time or Skype calls to make it feel all the way better.

Memory bursts

Taking down her the memory lane of how you have spent the wee hours with each other in a story could be unparalleled.

Compiling the different elements like pictures, videos or poem verses and gifting along with one jewellery piece for each year you have been together.

Make time for each other

You must be busy with your projects and office dealings but you cannot just let go this day.

You can have a dinner date over Skype where you can ask your girl to pick a jewellery gift of her own choice.

This could make a unique Valentine’s Day gift.

Fly away

Muddled up on what to do this valentine’s as you cannot catch up in either of your cities; better plan a getaway with your other half which could turn out a solace for the both of you as we will get to stay together.

Spoil your girl with all the riches. Gift her winsome jewellery and the preciousness she deserves.

Enrich your stay!

With excuses you will never see the results, it does not matter how far you are from each other- you can always choose love with the right attitude, alternative, and jewellery.

Celebrate this valentine’s day with all the enthusiasm and fondness, relive the moments, look for some exciting valentine’s day gift ideas and make jewellery a paramount part of it with our special handmade collection of ornaments!

Which of these ideas will you pick to surprise your long-distance bae/beau? Tell us in the comments below!


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