5 Best Accessories To Pair With Your Lingerie

5 Best Accessories To Pair With Your Lingerie

While most women know the importance of accessories for the various outfits they own, many don’t know that there are accessories that can be paired with their lingerie.

However, unlike accessorizing an outfit, lingerie accessories are meant to add function to the undergarment in question.

That is not to say that they can’t add a bit of style, but most accessories serve a very real purpose.

Check out these 5 Lingerie accessories that will add comfort as well as style to your outfit.

1. Bra Clips

5 Best Accessories To Pair With Your Lingerie 1
Image Courtesy: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Natural-Womens-Racer-Back-Clips/dp/B09JXCPTPP

Whoever invented these was a genius!

How many times have you wanted to wear that racerback shirt but either had to go braless or with another top that wouldn’t show your bra?

While so many women have tried to clip the straps together with paperclips or even surgical tape, those bra straps never seem to get tucked back sufficiently so that they don’t show. Hence, the beauty of bra clips.

These can be positioned at any point on the back straps to bring them together to a point where they won’t show through. Now you can comfortably wear your favorite racerback shirts any time you want.

2. Pantyhose

5 Best Accessories To Pair With Your Lingerie 2

While you might be inclined to think of pantyhose as lingerie, sometimes they are an accessory to the lingerie you are wearing.

For example, you are wearing a racy black negligee and you want to add that extra bit of sexiness, so you put on some lovely fishnet stockings to complete the look.

In this way, the pantyhose is an accessory to the negligee and can even embellish lingerie like these Heist women’s knickers to achieve the same effect.

3. Strap Cushions

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Image Courtesy: https://www.ubuy.co.in/product/14J2PUREU-10-sets-soft-silicone-bra-strap-cushions-holder-non-slip-shoulder-pads

Ouch! How many days have you suffered until quitting time because those bra straps were cutting into your shoulders?

Strap cushions are amazingly effective little pieces of cushion you place under the straps at the shoulders so there is no chafing going on.

Sadly, those little raw spots on your shoulders today become a real pain tomorrow, so strap cushions provide instant relief before it gets to that point.

4. Nipple Pasties

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Image Courtesy: https://www.myntra.com/lingerie-accessories/butt-chique/butt-chique-women-pack-of-10-pairs-sand-nipple-pasties/16892224/buy

Here’s another really cool lingerie accessory you probably always thought of as something the dancers wore at those risqué dance clubs.

Actually, an amazing number of women accessorize their lingerie with nipple pasties which can be worn along in lieu of a bra, or they can be placed on the nipple when wearing a thin bra.

They serve a purpose, believe it or not!

5. Low Back Converter

5 Best Accessories To Pair With Your Lingerie 5
Image Courtesy: https://www.amazon.in/Pink-Flamingo-Womens-Back-Converter/dp/B01MY47CDA

You know what they say about necessity being the mother of invention. Well, here we have another example of someone who invented a ‘fix’ out of necessity.

Bra straps can be purchased at any sewing or craft store for the ladies who like to fashion their own lingerie. If you have a low-back top or dress in which the bra always seems to show on the back between the shoulder blades, you can simply extend the straps on your bra with these extra straps you’ve located.

You may be able to find a low-back converter for sale, but isn’t it much less expensive to use this hack?

Each of these accessories can add function as well as style which is why they are the five best accessories to pair with your lingerie.


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