5 Accessories To Pair With Trendy Kurtis

5 Accessories To Pair With Trendy Kurtis

Accessorizing is a skill!

The right accessories can simply transform your entire look – whether you’re wearing a dressy or a casual outfit. With the help of a few simple accessory pieces, you can add that much-needed finishing touch to your look and make it go from boring to beautiful in just a few seconds.

But again, choosing the right accessory to compliment your look is what makes all the difference. The idea is to opt for an accessory that accentuates the ensemble without overpowering it.

Choosing the right kind of accessories becomes all the more important when it comes to ethnic outfits. Ethnic outfits demand an extra touch of bling. This enhances their beauty and makes them stand out.

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Kurtis are one of the most popular ethnic outfits. These clothing pieces can be rocked as both casual and dressy outfits and paired with a bunch of different bottoms. But while these pieces are great independently, a few accessories can enhance their beauty a great deal.

What follows is a list of five stunning accessories that you can sport with your trendy kurtis for women to give them a whole new look.

1. Oxidized Jewellery

5 Accessories To Pair With Trendy Kurtis

Oxidized jewellery and trendy kurtis are a match made in heaven. Whether you love the maximal boho look or are a fan of minimalism, you can easily find oxidized jewellery pieces to match your kurtis.

From chunky bracelets to stackable rings, you can easily find beautiful oxidized jewelley to enhance the look of your trendy kurtis.

2. Stoles & Dupattas

5 Accessories To Pair With Trendy Kurtis
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Stoles and dupattas are great for when you want to rock a true-blue desi look. These accessories can be a great way to add more oomph and glamour to your trendy kurtis. You can opt for a matching or a contrasting kurti based on the look you’re going for and give your simple kurtis a whole new look.

3. Juttis / Mojhris

5 Accessories To Pair With Trendy Kurtis
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The right footwear can make or break the look of your outfit. Ethnic outfits need some extra character in order to stand out and a beautiful pair of juttis or mojhris can do the trick. Go for neutral colours like silver, gold, or white to be able to wear your juttis will all your trendy kurtis.

4. The Perfect Clutch

5 Accessories To Pair With Trendy Kurtis
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A handbag is more than just a utility product for us girls. It is an essential accessory that carries our entire world while also adding a finishing touch to our outfits. When it comes to ethnic wear, especially new fashion kurtis, a clutch or potli bag can be a great option to go for.

5. Cinch It Up With A Belt

5 Accessories To Pair With Trendy Kurtis
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We all love belts with our pants and dresses but what if I told you that these belts can be a great accessory for your trendy kurtis as well? Belts are perfect for cinching up any outfit and giving it more structure. These accessories can work perfectly well over kurtis and stoles to give your outfit a more defined silhouette.

So, these were our top picks for the best accessories you can rock with your trendy kurtis. These accessories are perfect for when you want to give a new look to your simple kurti.

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