3 Types Of Earrings To Wear With LBD


It is a no brainer that the good old LBD or the Little Black Dress as we know it, is the staple in almost every girl’s wardrobe.

It is not only a versatile garment but also a style statement in itself.

So if you are confused about the jewellery to style with your LBD, let us help you here.

Solitaire Earrings For Classic LBD

3 Types Of Earrings To Wear With LBD 1
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Your LBD may be the most basic one but one statement diamond studs earrings for women that never miss gaining compliments are Solitaires!

Wear a pair of solitaires with your LBD and see the magic.

Boho Vibe In LBD With Floral Earrings

3 Types Of Earrings To Wear With LBD 2
Image- Peaches In a pod

Your LBD shouldn’t always be restricted to formal events and occasions. Add some funk to it by sporting some floral earrings, the length may vary from just plain studs to fancy danglers.

Choose your pick and rock that Boho.

Gold Hoops For Bling

3 Types Of Earrings To Wear With LBD 3
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The recent explosion of gold hoops in popularity means that your old party dress feels instantly new when complemented with the current favourite.

Choose the hoops according your face shape and get used to the compliments thereafter.

So ladies do take notes from the above tips and tell us which earrings you picked with your LBD?


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