2018 Roundup- Latest Jewellery Store Openings Across India


We all prefer getting the things we want from the nearby surroundings as distance becomes deterrence while making decisions and we choose to shop from the stores in the vicinity. To make things easier for you, your favourite jewellery brands are working hard in getting themselves a lot nearer to your city by opening their stores across the country. If you have missed any of the new store openings in the past year, you shall read further for knowing more about them.

TBZ store in Ludhiana

2018 Roundup- Latest Jewellery Store Openings Across India 1
Image- indianjeweller.in

Slowly spreading its grasp in the North India TBZ has launched its exclusive store in the renowned land of five rivers, Punjab. Truly capturing the glory and grandeur of Ludhiana TBZ had brought up the idea of opening a new store. Presenting forth their finest jewellery, TBZ takes this as a greater opportunity of spreading its influence in the region and growing even further with its dynamic collection.

Kalyan jewellers in Andheri, Siliguri, Muscat

Offering the most handsome curated jewellery, the reputable brand Kalyan jewellers launched three of their showrooms, one in each Andheri, Siliguri and Muscat. Following the growth perspective they tend to offer their finest jewellery pieces to a larger section and potentially will come up with more store openings shortly.

Mahesh Diamonds’ new store in Hyderabad

2018 Roundup- Latest Jewellery Store Openings Across India 2
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A new store has been opened in Hyderabad by Mahesh Diamonds’, exclusive dealer of Swarovski on 17th November. The store is well equipped with some ravishing jewellery for the heterogeneous preferences and needs of the buyers.

PNG store in Aundh

The highly recommendable PNG jewellers have opened their first franchise store in Aundh. Believed for their high quality and marvellous jewellery pieces, they have started their franchise business as well with this opening.

Chandukaka Sarf & Sons two in Pune

The 191 year old jewellery brand added two more stores to its count in Pune. With the continued determination of bringing up the best jewellery designs with some flawless and interesting intricacies, the brand  plans to grow even further.

Being Human store in Chandigarh

2018 Roundup- Latest Jewellery Store Openings Across India 3
Image- galla.seelenfluegel.info

Foraying into the domain of jewellery along with the valuable association with Style quotient jewellery, Salman Khan’s foundation opened its first ever jewellery store in Chandigarh.

With a promise of providing the beautifully crafted pieces of ornaments incessantly, the responses received set the tone for expanding their jewellery line as well.

Store opening has an intended motive of reaching a larger and different audience which mutually benefits the brands and you all. To get all the missed updates on such news elements read our news articles religiously. Do share in the comment section about the store opening you are eagerly waiting for in your locality!


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